Date: 23rd December 2018 at 6:27pm
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Villan57 gives his player ratings for Aston Villa 2-3 v Leeds United. See also our 100% Match Thread here…

I’d better do the player ratings now before I forget what I saw. Better side won but we just didn’t play like we can as a team or as individuals today.

Nyland: 5 let in 3 goals, never makes “the” save does he. Bye Bye

Elmo:4 Cost us the game with feeble defending

Bree: 5 First game in ages and out of position so we’ll let him off

Chester: 5 Struggled against the lively Leeds attackers.

Hutton: 4 Ran ragged by their number 10, he’s not a left back is he.

Whelan: 5 Got in a few blocks but he’s not the answer is he. Too slow

McGinn: 7 Played on his own in midfield, he’s very consistent.

Hourihane:5 Scored a good goal with his 4th touch of the ball on 17 minutes. “Chased ” shadows for the rest of the game.

Kodj:6 Wrestled well and set up Hourihanes goal. Never covered Elmo

Abraham: 6 Took his goal well but lacked support.

Bolasie: 5 Left Hutton totally exposed and should have been subbed for Albert, not Hogan.


Hogan: 2 What on earth was Dean thinking to put this clown on. Gave it away every time. Makes Gabby look like Messi, please be gone in Jan.
Barney: 6 Why was this lad on the bench and not starting.
El Ghazi: 5 Crowded out, he has the skill but no support.


Smith : 5 That midfield didn’t work against Stoke and he tried the same again and failed again, Leeds aren’t Stoke. Poor today allowed Hutton to be run ragged and did nothing to counter it.

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3 Replies to “The Last Minute Giveaway. Who Was Rated And Who Was Slated? You Decide.”

  • Pathetic defending all game, all season!! Elmo, do one mate, that was truly pathetic, not even worthy of a squad member , lose yourself somewhere near Australia please, go walkabout like you have done all season, and take Hutton, Hogan, whelan, and Nyland with you, lose yourself! As for Ghazi, Bolasie, it is all about hard work and common sense, look around, see what is happening, that is just a constant lazy crap attempt at trying to look busy. You hide on the pitch. You may well give it the big un at training with the rest of the lads with your drag back and flipped nutmeg…what about your attempt with the wrong foot like a 4 year old….absolute rubbish!!!! Been angry loads of times, Odreary, Mcleish, wembletyV Arsenal, Forest, WBA, loads…but this was the worst, 2 nil up, and you defended worse than a netball team ( sorry ladies) really really bad

  • john terry assistant coach? he’s not coaching our defence, that’s for sure,as usual it was hutton doing the graft while elmohamady, simply went missing i ‘d drop the lot its 18, yes,18 games where villa have squandered a leading position and come out disappointed, we could/should be 10 points better off. that defense will give us ANOTHER YEAR IN THE EFL

  • i’d drop that entire defence, its a total disgrace, elmo has to go bree, who should be right back,hutton gamely doing a real shift on the wrong side, elphick has got to be brought back from hull bjarnason should cover the defensive mid field position, hogan, elmo,nyland moiera,wheelan, taylor richards can go, don’t bring gardener, mccormack or tshibola back, our much talked about second string, must have a defence, so lets bring a few through.

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