The Latest Update from Liverpool has left Aston Villa Fans Livid


Jurgen Klopp’s side are going to travel to the famous Villa Park again but this time they are going to face in December for a quarter-final battle of the titans. Aston Villa however have been criticised for the ticket prices. Details of the Carabao quarter-final game were released yesterday and a lot of people aren’t happy to say the least. Aston Villa are going to be taking on the Reds in the final eight of the cup. This is going to happen on Tuesday 17th of December. The game is set to be played at Villa Park and this game has been the subject of interest for quite some time. Ever since the draw was confirmed, a lot of people have given their opinion, and this is because Liverpool are going to be involved in the Club World Cup that same week. Jurgen Klopp’s side are going to play in the semi-final of the tournament. This is being held in Qatar and it’s just under 24 hours after they face Villa at their home ground.

Liverpool’s Regulars

A lot of Liverpool’s regulars are said to be going to Doha. They are going to be sending their more inexperienced side to the Midlands. Dean Smith is also having to deal with a somewhat packed schedule as well. This may cause problems, but a lot of people are confident that they are going to pull through. The subject of football betting is also being widely discussed. The main reason for this is because Villa happened to beat the Wolves right at the end of October. This helped to set up the big clash against Liverpool.

Ticket Prices

The most expensive tickets for Villa fans regarding the Liverpool game stand at £33 for those who want to be in Zone 1. The prices then decrease gradually until they reach £20, which would put you in Zone 6. This wouldn’t be a great view but at least fans would be able to be part of the action. The problem is that the pricing structure here is very similar to that of Category C matches in the Premier League. A lot of supporters think that this is far too much for them to be paying and they are calling for the prices to be lowered.

What Fans have Been Saying

Elie Ward is saying that they are charging these prices, yet Liverpool fans are paying £20 maximum. Spence Browne believes that the prices for old age pensioners and children shouldn’t be the same for children. Someone by the name of Alice believes that the stadium is going to be full of Liverpool tourists with the prices they are paying, and Matt thinks that the club have completely misjudged this. Of course, these are just a few statements at the end of the day, but it doesn’t seem fair what the club are doing. Some believe that they are taking advantage of fans and that this is not acceptable at all.

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