Date: 22nd March 2009 at 9:20pm
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Martin O’Neill has admitted he is disappointed with todays result and has admitted confidence is low after the thumping.

Speaking on the official site after the rout by Liverpool, O’Neill said his biggest task now would be attempting to keep the players heads up.

A cynic would say, picking a left back at left back, and right back at right back. But I’m not a cynic so I won’t. Cough.

‘We were poor and there’s no getting away from it, Liverpool are playing very well at the moment. They are a very fine side.

‘I don’t think they would have needed any help from us but we certainly helped them.

‘We certainly contributed to our own downfall with some of the goals that we conceded in the game. But we are better than what we have shown.

‘We are in a lull at the moment. The players are a bit down in terms of confidence and that can go from game to game or minute to minute.

‘It’s up to us to try and come out of this and the only way to do that is by winning a game.’

Helped them how exactly, a formation that has proven time and time again to not play to our strengths; by giving the waiter the opportunity to thoroughly exploit NRC who is not, never has been, and never will be a right back; after the ridiculous sending off of Friedel making the change that then means Milly is a right back?

At what point were we going to win this game when Brad got his marching orders? Why take off one of the back four? Surely a striker makes more sense, afterall regardless of how much NRC is not a right back, at least he has a little bit of experience there, why the hell take him off and move Milly back????

I give up.

Liverpool are in a fine vain of form at the moment but…..oh sod it.

For all the faults that have been pointed out at length when it comes to tactics, subs, and formations, there were plenty of schoolboy errors from the squad, even Brad Friedel has called our defending ‘criminal’ tonight, and he’s not far wrong.

We all knew we should’ve gone 451/433, this was how we won games. It plays to our strengths, we pack midfield, and we were able to either counter attack out of trouble or battle out of trouble because the defence wasn’t so exposed.

442 just doesn’t work for us, and whilst no doubt we most likely given Liverpools form have lost today. 5-0 is a joke, it’s embarrassing and it’s an insult to the fans who turned up and continued singing for the entire match today.

I could go on, but quite frankly I can’t be bothered. We shouldn’t expect anything from the next match either, and then of course we’ve got Everton.

If we don’t finish 4th this season, whilst we can still see the improvements and even a 5th/6th place finish would still be a success, consolidation and a growth to the club overall, if we don’t get 4th then we’ll have thrown a great chance away by sticking with tactics that don’t work, and continuing to play players who need a break and are out form. We knew our luck, and flukey 1-0 wins wouldn’t last forever, yet nothing was done about it.

And as we threw the UEFA Cup to prioritise the league, I do not expect the club to hype the UEFA Cup next season, or the Europa or whatever it’s latest ridiculous rebrand is, because that would be an insult of the highest proportions.

If that is our success from this season, O’Neill BETTER take it seriously next time round.


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  • Jamie Redknapp was spot on – we need a holding midfielder (Petrov) to control the striker ‘in the hole’ as they have too much freedom – Elano, Lampard, Gerrard etc. Heskey and Carew were far to similar – tripping up over each other at one point. Any idiot would go with a fit back four of square pegs in square holes – Shorey, Young, Davies anc Cuellar or Knight. Stick Petrov in front and have Milner and Barry in midfield with Gabby and Young wide alongside Carew. Plan B is Sidwell or Reo-Coker in for Gabby allowing Milner and Young in support. Plan C is to bring Heskey on!!!

  • 4-4-2 has been in place since Heskey arrived and it is not working. i do not understand the persistence with it!? it is like MON is waiting for something to click, but it aint happening. i really like the guy but i believe his decisions have cost us. not only with tactics (that seem a bit stuck in the past ), but also the negativity towards the uefa cup that must have had some effect on the players.the other teams left in that comp are happy to be playing it.

  • This is ***** – today we were beaten 2-0 by Liverpool and 3-0 by the referee, who was a definate homer. I sat with a liverpool fan throughout the game – and even he agreed. I thought the lads played well throughout the first half, although in the second we did look jaded.

    Carew and Gabby is the future, Heskey did not impress today.

  • To be fair we played some great football after going one – nil down. That bloody punt up the pitch for the second goal destroyed us and my head would have dropped too if I had seen my centre backs allow that to happen. ‘Where is Laursen, my old friend! I really hope he’s on the mend… (to the tune of Sound of Silence) And yes, I have been drowning my sorrows 🙁

  • Liverpool fan here not looking to gloat. Just wanted to say I wish there were valid grounds for Friedel’s red card to be rescinded, because it kind of soured the game. Don’t get me wrong I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t enjoy it, but to see a former Red given such a harsh decision, even if it is against us, is difficult and all I can say is I wish the FA could see good sense enough to rescind it to a booking or something.
    This by the way has nothing to do with the fact that your next game is against the scum, which I still think you can win 😉

  • We have the easier run in to the end of the season compared to Arsenal, they have to play Manure, Chelski and Resd *****e, ok they also have to play Pompey and Wigan, but we can still get 4th, they are only 3pts ahead of us, but we all still have to believe we will get there. I know we are in a blip, but soon we will come out and we need to fight and scrap to the finish, lets not lose hope hey.

  • Wow only 3 points behind Arsenal – god I thought we were in a relegation battle the way folks on here are harping on! We still have a long way to go – we may end up 4th or 5th. 6th would be consolidation. Progress is gradual. Let’s just see in the close season – then we (sorry you) can demand changes – I’m happy with what we’ve got – I can see the bigger picture.

  • Spot on naz. Lets get behind the lads because they’re confidence must be at rock bottom now. We will start winning again, just not yet. Dont forget after Manure all our games are winnable so just sit tight and wait for the good times to roll again. Things can and will only get better. UTV

  • A humiliating shambles. Outclassed. Lack of fight, ideas, effort and quality. Good job that Liverpool declared at five, otherwise we could easily have lost by seven or eight. Where was the passion? Do we not have anything to play for?

  • The annoying and frustrating thing is that up until going 2-0 down we were playing some reasonable stuff, spraying the ball around, and looking more than capable of making a game of it. The second goal though saw heads drop alarmingly.

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