Date: 26th July 2018 at 7:00am
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With the future of manager Steve Bruce a hot topic of conversation this week following the takeover by Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, the fact we were then rather bizarrely linked with former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry sent plenty into a tizzy.

With report after report claiming that a deal was done and that Bruce would receive his marching orders in Wednesday’s meeting with our new owners, it’s more than fair to say the fanbase was split between those who felt Bruce should be stuck by, those who felt Henry was the new Garlic Bread and those who felt Bruce should go but certainly shouldn’t be replaced by Henry.

The news that he retains the ‘full support’ of the owners has done little to sway the debate about his future, we can just park it for a little while and continue to focus on the year ahead and ignore those on all sides shouting the loudest (often me on the forum to be fair!).

Vital Villa conducted a thoroughly well researched and scientifically accurate poll that closed ahead of the clubs’ announcement last night – well JF put a poll up on Twitter, it’s almost the same thing.

46% of fans who took time to take part wanted Bruce to stay. Only 33% opted for the sack and 21% enjoyed the feel of the fence between their legs as they sat on it.

The Birmingham Mail’s Mat Kendrick was also in the mood for a poll, and fans went for Bruce again at 57%, with Henry being only 43%.

Reasonably close to demonstrate the split but not as close as Brexit and far less horrific for the economy but that’s a different debate.

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5 Replies to “The Majority Of Aston Villa Fans Got Their Wish With Managerial Announcement”

  • There’s a lot of truth in the old adage that success is often gained from being in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, for Henry at least, all the conditions just didn’t quite click into place.

    How much intention lay in the minds of the new owners to change the manager will remain an unknown. If nothing more, the reports over the past few days should have sharpened up Bruce’s resolve to deliver results.

    I just hope he doesn’t feel he has rebuffed the danger of the sack to become a little complacent. The next four or five months will be very important for him to demonstrate his leadership.

  • I’m pleased we kept Bruce, there are more important things to sort out behind the scenes at Villa. Changing manager would only add to those problems, I don’t think we’ll be promoted this year again play offs at best. I just hope the fans stay on side and the atmosphere doesn’t turn toxic to Bruce if we start loosing a few games, this won’t look good to new owners who saved us from administration remember only last week

    • Jesus, no promotion and a year of Bruce ball? Your easily pleased. I like Bruce, but his football is torrid, even his biggest advocates would say so, but if there’s not promotion on the other side of it, why put up with it.

      • So what about FFP we need to sell players we’re not going to tear up the league and we can’t buy big so that’s why we won’t get promoted. So it’s best to stick with Bruce yes the football isn’t the best at times but at least he knows what we’ve got player wise,

  • Bruce: no promotion, poor football and no chances for youth development.
    Henry’s: probabably no promotion but maybe, better football and maybe youth given a chance.
    I don’t see it as a gamble. But I do think the timing makes it more awkward.

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