Date: 14th July 2012 at 10:29am
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Clivethevillan on the maturing of Villa fans…

I have been thinking just lately how lucky we Villans are to have a manager almost every Villa fan wanted to steer the club back in the right direction towards the top half of the league, I am missing watching Villa as ever but I have to admit for the first time ever I realise we all needed a well deserved break to recharge our batteries after such an emotionally draining season which after being a Villa fan for approximately 24 years of my life I had never experienced anything like it nor do I want to again for that matter.

The change in mood surrounding Villa is one of relief and one that rekindles a bit of hope back into us Villa fans, not to expect to suddenly win a Cup or challenge for the league and champs league places but to just see a team wearing the famous claret and blue play with pride and passion once again, not afraid to have a go at whoever comes to Villa Park and try and play the game the right way finally we Villa fans see a manager appointed who believes in the same footballing philosophies as ourselves and that has lifted the grey cloud that was hanging over our club and draining al fans hope and energy.

I had to write this article as its something I am writing from the heart and gut. I never want to see my Club and fans hurting the way we did last season again and the subdued atmosphere we all experienced at Villa Park. Just as it all seemed all doom, out of the darkness came the light, Randy and Paul Faulkner acted and proved to us all they do care about this club and would not just sit back and let the club fizzle out no they listened to us fans this time and did the right thing which has now got me interested excited and Villa park buzzing again.

This is why I had to write this article as I read so many posts from fellow Villans who was just like me a while back demanding Villa buy top players spend money to just keep up with the Jones’s as the saying goes but no we as fans especially the ones from my generation abut the start of he 90’s and onwards who had only seen our Villa in the top flight who took for granted that Villa will be challenging for Europe a chance of a Cup with the odd few seasons of struggle along the way whilst buying players for a decent amount.

But after the last two seasons you can see the appreciation of seeing Villa in the Premiership and just glad we have a manager who believes in playing the right way entertaining football who demands whoever we play especially at home we take the game to them not sit back and hope for a bit of luck and instead to take the fight to them, speculate to accumulate the points which is what us fans wanted and have been crying out for years!

Now whilst he also does not bow down to players wanting obscene money to play for Villa they have to WANT to play for us. And this is the maturing of Villa fans I have witnessed, including myself! As a fan, with expectations knowing how important it is in my life to see Villa my club in the top league in the country and see them try and play with pride passion then the result comes secondary or a bonus if you like as long as we have a go and try and play the right way.

A Cup run, Europe or top ten are not expected any more BUT they ARE hoped for as we all have learned to appreciate just how money crazy the Premier League has gone and just how important it is for the club’s future we do not over spend on wages anymore as the damage this could cause our beloved Villa, my hopes are to see Villa rocking again this season the Holte singing there usual anthems and some noisy fella banging some boarding’s!

That’s all I wanted to get off my chest UTV!