Date: 10th October 2018 at 10:27pm
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Happens every time when it comes to Aston Villa and managerial announcements or signings, I was just about to log off and then I noticed (I am sharp!) we have finally appointed our management duo and a Sporting Director!

Welcome, Dean Smith, John Terry and Jesus Garcia Pitarch.

Smith comes in from Brentford as Head Coach which is a notable change in title, and Terry comes in as Assistant Coach and preferably much-needed body in the defence until we can rectify August transfer window mistakes.

Smith should need no introduction and I’m pleased given what he achieved at Walsall and Brentford – but patience is now our watchword as fans as being a self-confessed fan he’ll feel more pressure than most as he will want to succeed and we need to give him the time to do that and get the talent within our squad firing as we know they can and playing as we’ve seen Brentford fo all too often against us.

Terry speaks for himself, and he brings an element of continuity after last season and I guess will spend most of his day drilling the defence and it’s needed.

Pitarch comes in having fulfilled the same Sporting Director role at both Valencia and Atletico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga and during his time with both clubs his record boasts Valencia’s La Liga title and a UEFA Cup and at Atletico the Europa League and European Super Cup.

Chief Executive Officer Christian Purslow told the Official Site.

“These three appointments represent the start of a new era and direction at Aston Villa and we are delighted to secure their services after an extensive search.”

Is anything more needed after that as a quote?

I’ll add about the unknown Pitarch.

“And Jesus also brings a huge amount of experience in his particular role having worked with some of the biggest clubs in Europe. He will ensure the club has an integrated approach running from the academy through the U23s and into the first-team.”

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Finally, an organised and sensible tie-in from the youth, through the Under 23s into the first team – well blow me down with whatever you like.

I know some will be concerned about relative experience, but this is a statement from our new owners, a true new broom and I’m off to toast it!

More tomorrow!


22 Replies to “The Media Got Two Names Right, But So Did The Fans – Welcome Smith & Terry (Can The Latter Pull On His Boots)”

  • Great news to finally get a team in place to take us forward, sure Dean Smith and John Terry will form a great partnership and get Villa firing again. Sure this will be received well by players and fans alike.

  • These appointments are very excitititing a real cocktail of possibility and I’m looking forward to seeing them in action..

  • Get in. About bloody time, now let’s get back to where we belong. Cum on you Villa boys, yippee eye aye.

  • Based on the circumstances it’s a great coup. But I hope it’s for 2 years max. Premier league’s these 2 are not of this calibre. Our backroom staff is now looking class. We got real shrewd owners. I’m loving it.

  • Very happy with this. I wanted Rodgers but Smith was my second choice and with JT makes it even better. I life long Villan and plays great attacking football. Well done to the Villa owners, finally people with a brain making the correct calls from above. Beyond excited for the season ahead, 3 games in a week is a great way to start and can’t wait to see players playing football and in their correct positions. Let’s push on as a club now as we have a great chance at promotion if these 3 appointments get it right which I think they will. I still think we should sign a free agent CB asap and hopefully that’s the next mission for the board. Welcome Dean and Co and come on you might Villa!!!!

  • My suggestion at 18:01 proved correct! Hee hee!!!

    I am really pleased for Smith. The combination with Terry has possibilities, as long as they both gel as a pair. Certainly, Terry’s inside knowledge will help, although he will have to adjust his relationship with the players a little in his new role.

    Smith is has put together a good Brentford side that plays a a strong brand of adventurous football. Clearly, the new management team will need time to bed in their ideas, but all things considered, I think this is a good appointment.

  • I am very surprised and pleased with all of these appointments. It does feel like the dawning of a new era and the new brooms

  • Chuffed to bits with these three appointments, really what more could we ask for a manager who is one of us and on top of it plays great football, then jt will expect everyone to have his own high footballing standards, also we already know terry gets the best out of super jack so that’s a nice bonus

  • Abso bloody lutely de lighted. BOSTIN. Brill, mega, lovely. Outstanding. kin amazing. Lord help Swansea, VP will be throbbing. Can’t wait.

  • I am still giggling like a schoolkid in a sweetshop.
    I have not been this happy since big Ron came in.
    It’s taken years but it now all feels right.
    Happy days.

  • Dean Smith and John ” the racist” Terry. With those two, Aston Villa will only attract mediocre English players. Stop hiring second rate people. The world is changing, the only reason Henry wasn’t hired was because the owners knew that Villa fans didn’t want a black man as manager of Aston Villa. As I have said before, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard were hired because they are both white people, neither one of them had any managerial experience. The media didn’t have any problems with it. After supporting Aston Villa for 60 years, I am not sure if I want to continue supporting them anymore.

    • Henry wasn’t appointed because he preferred to stay in France. WTF has that to do with race? So stop playing the race card because you undermine people that have legitimate race issues. KTF SOTC UTV

    • With a biased attitude like that seriously undermining the progress that has actually been made, I’m not sure you’ll be missed. You don’t fight and correct racism by becoming the polar opposite and becoming a parody of exactly what you claim you’re fighting for.

  • Hey Ronald Johnson: well f##k off and go watch the blue noses. We don’t need your kind of support anyway. Sounds to me like you’re a bit of a racist yourself. VTID

  • David J and Benny003, you may represent the type of supporters that made monkey sounds every time you saw a black player playing for the opposition. I remember hearing monkey chants when my family and I went to games at Villa Park in the late 70s and 80s. It was embarrassing to listen to it, so we actually stop going to the games. There’s a reason why England has not hosted a WC since 1966, too many racist!

  • Ronald Johnson, dear oh dear what a sad little man you are. You couldn’t be further from the truth, I’ve been going down the Villa for over fifty years, & have never made a racist remark to any black player weather playing for the opposition or the Villa, infact some of my best mates are black both male & female quite a few of them I served with in the army. So wind your sad little neck in cos like I said before, it seems to me that the only racist on here is you.

    • Ben please, I think it’s pretty clear to everyone who reads – don’t bite anymore, this certainly isn’t the place for it.

  • You think black is hard try being a Muslim in football lol. I thank the Lord for equality and diversity. This country has moved miles in reference to 70 and 80s. Racism and fanatics should both be lined up and shot. Let us normal people live In peace.

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