Date: 27th August 2018 at 9:27am
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Regular forum poster Langoe66 has a few thoughts on the (arguably disappointing) draw at Villa Park with winless Reading.


Not many, but a few.

McGinn is a player, already looks settled in the shirt, a class act. Nyland, looking more assured by the game. Had little to do all game but his double save in the second half was superb.

El Ghazi – amongst the doom and gloom, the lad has hardly got a mention… very promising debut. With Bolasie on the right, we’ll have pace aplenty down both flanks. Jedinak is still getting flak from some but I actually thought he had his best game at centre half today. Also thought Tuanzebe did ok.


Reading were so poor and yet we seemed to ‘coast’ through the game. Play in the final third was so b****y frustrating… overhit passes, under hit passes, poor decision making and shooting…. crikey! My mum could shoot more effectively than some today and she’s 85! Several times we got into decent positions to shoot but ended up ‘passing’ the ball to the keeper rather than putting the laces through it.

Kodjia – back to his frustrating ‘best’ today. There are times when he switches off, makes the wrong choices, holds onto the ball for too long and invariably loses possession. That said, with three goals in two games, he’s had a decent week, although one poster suggested he should have been dropped today – strange?!

Chester’s tackle – why go to ground to tackle from behind in that position?! The bloke has been excellent for us but a strange decision that one. No need to do it.

Bruce (despite, apparently, being a ‘lover’ of his) – another frustrating afternoon where he did himself no favours. I don’t think there could be too many arguments about the team selection initially. I was surprised he started El Ghazi actually after Albert’s improved showing on Weds, but it was the right call. However, after a bright start, we fizzled out and as I said above, we just seemed to coast and let Reading ease themselves into the game.

Other posters have pointed (quite rightly) to the hotchpotch on the pitch by the end of the game. Frustrating and this will ultimately cost him his job because there are now simply no excuses. The owners have backed him, and the squad has more than enough quality to mount a challenge, although whether he’s identified all the areas of concern (i.e. left back, centre half, forward) we’ll only know by Friday.

The squad is still unbalanced. If he doesn’t address those areas and it comes back to haunt us, then he will rightly carry the can. Should he go now? Of course not, but from Friday onwards when the window closes, last chance saloon begins. We have the players going forward to frighten the life out of the opposition and shouldn’t need to grind out results playing with the handbrake on. Two points against the current bottom two is not good enough. A few more repeats in the next few months and he’ll be lucky to see in the New Year. And that’s from an alleged ‘Bruce lover’….


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  • Agree with most points other than I think Bruce is already gone past the last chance saloon. He continuously invites pressure from the opposition to see out games. He won’t change and that’s the point, you can argue whether it’s ignorance or stubbornness but the results are the same. In fact outside of McLaren at QPR I’m sure most Villa fans wouldn’t be devasted to find out he was being replaced by virtually any other manager presently in the Championship. Villa do have at least one of the top 3 squads for quality and depth (as we did last season) unfortunately we also still have one of the worst managers as far as tactics and team selection is concerned. UTV!

  • Read this:

    This just tells you what BRUCE is about. Even if he gets us promoted which is a big if, there is no way he will keep us up. He is a living dinosaur that needs to be made extinct at our great club. Trust me read the above article, it’s from 2013 but it’s the same shit at our club and it’s ridiculous that the BRUCE IN camp of fans can’t see this.

    • Wow could have been written today. Going to post it everywhere. I wish the owners had seen it. It describes his Villa career perfectly.

  • I have heard of nervous 90s in cricket …nebrr did I think it existed in football. We seem to loose the plot after the 70th minute. It is up to the players to give off 100% when they put the Villa jersey and when they on the pitch. The consintration and focus level to be optimum . It is difficult to play 7 in 3 plus weeks. The physical and mental demands are enormous. We are in a place which was unthinkable a month ago. there is a lot to be optimistic about the new owners the new signings the massive support great management support team Bruce and co. this is a marathon not a sprint. We up there let’s build on that. We could have been a lot worse off. keeping the squad fresh and motivated will be the key for every game. Every game should be approached as a cup final mentality. I am positive we will be in the mix for prom come May. ” Be Prepared”

  • I’d agree with the majority of that. Before the season started most people were suggesting we need to give him 10 or 11 matches and then judge how our start has been, don’t see any reason to change that view yet. Yes we’ve had a couple of poor draws but we are 4th just 4 points off top, so lets keep things in perspective. If Bruce doesn’t get a CB before the window shuts we are going to need to score 2 or 3 every game as I cant see us keeping a clean sheet at the moment – Jedi did ok on Saturday, but that’s because Reading sat deep and he wasn’t under so much pressure. The fans were frustrated with Kodj as were a couple of his team mates – however in the first 20 minutes he was on the receiving end of similar greediness, first from McGinn then El Ghazi. Both could have squared it to him for a simple finish but both tried to shoot themselves. A new CB aside I’d say this squad is strong enough to be pushing for a top 2 spot, this will be his last chance to do it and I’m sure he knows it. For the people who don’t like his style of play, I don’t think he’ll ever win them over, it’s how he’s always set his teams up and it has always worked for him. For me wins are more important than pretty football right now, for some its not so I don’t see the bickering among us all stopping.

  • Not enough media explaining the mind concept of kodja . Pure greed . Builds resentment from other players . Can dianasor Bruce get him in a room and explain that greed is the biggest downfall in life. I was in the lower north and the jock gave him a bit of his own medicine and he through his arms up . STOP BEING SO :ucking greedy kodja

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