Date: 27th November 2006 at 7:19pm
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‘Come and see the new Villa’ they say. The new Villa is mightily impressive and quite possible the best in the land, which is a bold statement to make but having looked at the make up behind the scenes of other clubs I really do believe that, and over time we have the foundations in place to scale whatever heights we want.

Unfortunately, the new Villa has not yet been extended to the pitch and after all, fans don’t go to a match to cheer on a Chairman or a director do they? A good many of us (28,000 per game) will go no matter what, whether we’re top or bottom, it’s wet or warm, it’s Saturday or Sunday – if there’s a game on then we are there because we are addicted and we’d be mortified if that one game we did miss turned out to be the 6-0 victory we crave for. (For all the years in the Midlands this was my rule of thumb, now I’ve moved away it’s a dozen or so games per season, but it’s not me that should be targeted – there are enough people in the Mids who should fall into my previously religious type way of life of attending each week without fail.) Much has been discussed about how to get the fans back through the turnstyles and I think the price, the kick off times and the local redundancies have all played a major part in the missing thousands, but really none of that matters when your addicted – I just think people aren’t enjoying going to the Villa and so not getting ‘bitten by the bug’.

People harp on about the Big Ron era more than any other in the past 20+ years yet we weren’t particularly successful then but the Sold Out signs went up most weeks. This is because we were entertained, we attacked and we had that bit of gusto and bravado about us that bought the fans to their feet. Since then nothing. Like now, we’ve had a solid defence but no link between midfield and attack and no one up front to score us the 20 goals needed to haul us up to the dizzy heights. This has now been ingrained into peoples psyche as is further enforced EVERY time we appear on TV and those floating fans witness yet another lacklustre and dull performance.

I’m waffling a bit here, but in short the only way we will get the Sold Out signs back on a regular basis is to change the style of the club and play with a swagger on the pitch, after all that’s why we sell out against Man Ure, Chelski, Arse and Liverpooh – because you will get value for money. This isn’t a dig at MON because it is totally out of his hands what with the transfer window being in place, but we need to lose ‘difficult to beat’ tag and sign more attack minded players. Two attack minded full backs, a marauding winger and two new strikers would totally transform the club and as word spread so people would come back to see the real ‘new Villa’. We can afford to be alot more gung-ho because the central defence and central midfield is good enough to cope with it. An entire generation has lost interest but the bottom line is they all still cheer on the team via the radio, Tv or teletext and will always be tempted back no matter what if they think their going to be entertained. The more exciting the game, the better the atmosphere in the ground and that is also what gets people making the pilgrimage.

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  • I think we will be able to have a peek at the new Villa come Feb 1st. I predict at least 3 signings. I also predict they will be of a higher quality than we have seen for many a year. OK, so those predictions are easy to make of course. What is not so eas

  • great to see that we are at the start of something now though, before it just seemed so stale and stagnant. Long live the revolution!

  • Bringing the missing supporters back to the club is obviously going to be a bigger undertaking than was initially envisaged. I hear the excuses from the stay-aways, the pick and choosers, the part time brigade, and I’m sorry but none of their feeble excus

  • Have to massively agree the need for more exciting play starts at the back with godd overlapping defenders who can pass and help us construct from front to back. That will help and take some weight off Luke Moore (who is a key new January or shortly after

  • glensider – i am gettin racked off with all this stay away supporters malarcky, some of us have genuine and i mean genuine reasons why we cant attend every match. Would you call Fulham, Middlesborough, Reading and Spurs a pick and choose supporter? Wheth

  • For me to go to a game at Villa Park i pay £30 in petrol, programme, food, a beer plus entrance fee. I’m lucky to spend less than £70. Add to this the away games that i go to which can cost twice as much in petrol and you get a picture of how much it can

  • There is some merit in this article which won’t go down well I’m sure. I took 4 people to the Boro match with me who I managed to convince to come. They came away saying they found the performance frustrating and have no intention of going every week un

  • New film, Field of Dreams, filming started at Villa Park at the start of the season, Great film staring Martin O’Niell with supporting roles by new gy Randy Lerner and a chap known as just “The General”
    The film starts with a struggling team and no suppo

  • No idea if it’s true but a pal reckons Ladbrokes wouldn’t take a bet on David Beckham joining Villa. Point may be, it will take a really high profile signing to get the fans back in the short-term. If not they will only come back when success is achieved

  • Great article Beefy. I think the argument about so called ‘stay-away’ fans will rumble on. The truth is, in many cases it boils down to finances, some people can afford to go regularly, others can’t. Many of us have to add the cost of travel to the ove

  • The previous regime did a lot of damage to the fan base and clearly just getting rid of Ellis is not enough. I travel from Newcastle to VP every other week, which as you can imagine costs me a small fortune, but that does not make me any more or less of a

  • I think some people are missing the point. Glensider asks the stayaways to return to VP and some people get the hump. Maybe the truth hurts. Maybe it is a case of ‘if the cap fits’. However I believe he is bang on with his point. Thousands of fans have be

  • VOTH – Fair comment on a lot of you points, although I think we should also take into consideration the collapse of many big local industries? In answer to your question – unfortunately until the kids are old enough I would have to continue to pick games

  • Its all about the players a few big names and a hero to worship and all will be well and good in the world.

  • Nicely put macca. I am in a similar situation. I only have my 10 year old daughter weekends, so she has been brainwashed into attending games and has had a season ticket for the last five years. Unfortunately it means I do not attend many away games as I

  • Welcome back from the golf course tyler 🙂 Here are the stats this year… Villa are 5th in the league, Villa have the 9th highest average gate in the premiership at 34,958, Villa are 19th when you compare the average gate against the capacity i.e. they on

  • hoss ……. good research but I think it is now obvious it is time to do away with the excuses. We do not have enough people who passionately support the club. So as not to upset any body, I accept there are people who can not attend often (or at all) bu

  • geordie I like most of your points, I do not always agree with them, but it is a game of opinions. However you make the point about your Dad and say because he used to come down for years, he should be classed a true supporter. You say he has now found ot

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