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The Night Before A New Villa Era Begins – Gulp

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It’s the night before the Steven Gerrard era at Aston Villa then.

Writer: Melon Donkey

I’ll get this out there first – I will fully support SG, I hope he is great. I do not wish him to fail. Why would I?

I have no special insight, knowledge or expertise and I don’t, in what I am saying, say I am right and everyone else is wrong.

But I just have not warmed to this appointment at all. Right here, right now – I think it’s wrong. It feels wrong, it looks wrong.

It feels like a complete curve ball, one that has too many reasons to say ‘no’ to from the start. I don’t like it, but the nature of this appointment leads me to think there will now be an edgy atmosphere down B6 and it won’t take a lot for a toxic atmosphere against him to develop, because quite simply, we have employed a legend of another club who are not that popular round our way.

We have gone from ‘one of us’ to ‘one of theirs’ and no amount of good public relations speak from him will change that, and, even more so when he has a rough patch. He won’t get a lot of grace for long and that to me is not a good thing to start off with and I hope Christian Purslow considered this. I think not though.

He is inexperienced, he is unproven as a manager at a time when we as a club need to push to another level as per the ‘big plan’. I really didn’t think our ‘next level’ manager would be Steven Gerrard. Feels wrong.

I have long said that our transfer policy feels wrong. At the moment I have been proved right overall. Three years and shed loads spent and we are in a relegation scrap.

I said right at the start of the season that Smith won’t survive long, he didn’t, I was right.

I hope I don’t get a hattrick here with Gerrard but I am so sceptical and he needs to get us winning quickly to get me on board.

I so want to be!

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