Date: 31st August 2007 at 6:25pm
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The positives at Aston Villa (because no one submits anything positive!!!)

For one, the very fact we support Aston Villa is positive, good times or bad.

We have 10 full internationals in the team (including Carson on loan, not including Zat who hasn’t been capped since 2005 but could force his way back in) and one retired international (Berger)

We have 6 England U21 internationals (including new signing Curtis Davies)

We have a professional board at last and an owner with a few pennies that he has proved he is prepared to splash Villa’s way.

We have a board willing to listen to the fans.

The infra-structure has been improved and will continue to improve, including a great stadium and now outstanding training facilities.

The chicken pies are second to none on match days!

Oh, and we are going to get three points on Sunday!

Feel free to add to the list in the forum or front page article comments to give balance to the monster rant posted earlier + to give the positive Villans somewhere to feel at home!


14 Replies to “The Positives At Aston Villa”

  • I’m changing my name to aston’NOT FICKLE’milan…….and yes Fear, the pies far outway the training ground, and you never found out about the dugouts did you ?

  • Hercules is the hardest mascot in the country only because he has Bella in front of him…

  • Fair point Hoss. Must admit I must have offended Hercules, in seasons gone by he used to come and polish my baldy head when I was leaning on the rails in the Trinity, but the last season or so, he’s neglected this important job.

  • I asked you the other day about the dugouts ? I thought we were having new posh ones fitted ? or did I dream it ?

  • A less fawning, more realistic, supporter base following the revelation that MON does not walk on water!

  • The positive is that we have a great manager in the Ron Saunders – Graham Taylor mould. He can build a top 6 six side – withoutout spending the millions that chelsea , Manu do. The negatives are that we have been here before – without the major funding to become a big club – the manager will one day move on – and then we are back to where we were pro MON.
    Good times at the minute – but not convinced that this is a transormed aston villa – weve just got a good manager.

  • The number one positive is surely the very fact that we are indeed a club on the move again? Apart from that very obvious fact, positives abound everywhere, in every nook and cranny of Villa Park. The only negative aspect of the club right now is the attitude of certain supporters.

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