Date: 17th April 2012 at 11:21am
Written by:

Shane Villains says:

The McLeish Gamble has been a Failure the club Now Needs to Act and Do the Right Thing
This is no longer about whose wrong or right between us sections of fans and the hierarchy. These are dire times the worst in our club history in the EPL.

Our EPL Status is seriously under threat and the club Custodians need to act NOW. A change has to come and needs to be made for the good of the club. A change will lift the whole Club to unite us fans and players alike. If Faulkner and Lerner chose to ignore our current dilemma with wishful thinking in McLeish`s abilities to turn it around then they need to do their research on his EPL record for a quick reminder, otherwise we on route to pay the ultimate price.

The proof`s in the pudding, the gamble has been a disaster and should not be allowed to rumble on any longer. The facts do not lie; McLeish has never kept a club up at this stage in this position we lie in now. Give Villans back their pride and we will roar like the proud lions we are for our team. All villans will unite behind the team with McLeish`s departure. If our beloved absent owner does not act then the consequences are dire in deed. I will repeat these facts NO McLeish`s team has stayed up at this stage in the season in the dire position we now lie in. If our Hierarchy persist down this path of blind faith in this inept manager then it will only exit one way; the championship for the first time in our EPL history.

McLeish`s excuses cannot be allowed to dribble on; it`s those same excuses he used to drag Birmingham City down last season now the same excuses his using now to drag us down.

Sir Alex Ferguson has got his easy 6 points from us this season job done, if he thinks so highly of him why did he not hire him as his No.2? Even better why does he not retire now and recommend ‘McLueless` as his successor at Manure?

Was the bright future that was promised a one way ticket to the championship in debt?
If the Custodians fail Villa by blindly refusing to act then it`s up to every true passionate Villan out there to join and unite to force the change for the good of the club, act before its too late. Let`s not let our great and beloved club be degraded and dragged down to McLeish`s level in the championship. If we do not act who protects Villa when the Custodians have failed her where`s that roar and Pride of the Lions of Villa DO NOT RENEW SEASON TICKETS FOR THE SAKE OF VILLA;

“The Villa is Ours, The Villa is Ours, The Villa is Ours, The Villa is ours
The Villa is Ours, The Villa is Ours, The Villa is Ours, Up The Villa”

Let The Lions Roar Give Them Back Their Pride, Give Them Back Their Club unleash the McLeish with a P45 the Villa is ours.

Now over to you custodians what will it be Paul Faulkner and Randy Lerner wherever he may be.