Date: 6th April 2012 at 1:53pm
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So the R word seems to be creeping in more and more.

We recently did the Aston Villa – The Relegation Game article.

Alex McLeish has been talking about it, even though he doesn`t believe in it! (see: McLeish Doesn’t Believe In Relegation )

and now we have the BBC pundits. Gladly not one thinks we are going down, although some have it closer than others.


Alan Shearer: ‘This is a tough call. Aston Villa are in dreadful form but I think they are safe because they just need another win. Wigan have given themselves a chance by winning their last two games but I think they will go down with Wolves, who just concede too many goals to stay up.’

Lee Dixon: ‘I don’t see Aston Villa being dragged into the scrap at the bottom. Wolves are down and QPR and Wigan will join them in the Championship next season.’

Pat Nevin: ‘QPR just seem to be up and down, despite having a decent quality squad. Aston Villa will be dragged into it but they will survive. I think it’s Wolves, QPR and, after that it’s really tough, but I’ll say Blackburn.’

Meanwhile Lawro is yet another pundit (rightly) giving our style a thumbs down: “Are they missing injured England striker Darren Bent up front? Yes and no. Bent gets you goals but I just think Villa are very negative. If they had been more of an attacking team then they would be about 10 points better off, but Alex McLeish has his way of playing and he has not really unleashed the players he has got who can win games.”

And of course we had Cascarino not long back saying similar (and confusingly then getting slated by some Villa fans who say exactly the same but didn`t like it from him?!) Tony Cascarino Feels Sorry For ‘Numb’ Villa Fans not to mention The Guardian and John Barnes/Kevin Keegan comments after our Man Utd no show…. Kevin Keegan Shocked At Awful Performance/Guardian

We also had – never did get the full transcript – Dwight Yorke saying that the Villa fans (and he included himself in that) deserved better.

Not been a great time has it?

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Then there is the rather more sensitive one! The quotes from Alex McLeish after the Blues were relegated last season as pointed out by Son Of Cher; (and how some of the comments by Villa fans at the end of that thread might come back to haunt!)

Alex McLeish says that relegation to the Championship with Birmingham is the lowest point in his career, but he says that he will do his very, very best to bring the club back to the Premier League.

A 2-1 loss at Tottenham on the last day of the season sealed their fate, it`s not the first time that McLeish has taken City down, but he says it`s the worst moment in his 17 year career.

McLeish said: ‘It’s probably the worst moment of my career because I have been in charge of the team the whole year.

‘They’re my lads. I picked them. I built the squad and it’s a low for me in my career but it’s not a fail. I will bounce back.’

The former Scotland boss wants to remain at St Andrews, but he will be having talks with owner Carson Yeung this week over his future.

‘I have a good contract. As far as I’m aware I will be honouring that,’ McLeish said.

‘I will chat with the owner during the week and we will see what the game plan is with everybody.’

So, we have two relegations for our ‘neighbours` and … well, we don`t know with us yet but as per an exchange in the forum:

I said “looking at other relegation threatened clubs, I’m hoping their run ins are as bad and we’ll stay up because of that.”

Zarch replied: “Isn’t it sad that we’re so poor that we have to hope for others to play worse than us to stay up. what disgrace Eck has made our wonderful club.”

Yup, crushing.

With that said, I think I just about agree with the BBC pundits, we will stay up by the grace of other teams being worse. I still hate the level of abuse and personal stuff on a human level being bandied about but it seems little can be done about it, (another article just submitted to follow on that actually) but quite where we go from here I just don`t know.

I`ve never seen, in my time doing Villa websites (so about 12 or more years) anything quite like this season for anger, disappointment and most especially vitreol.

Randy and Alex need a long hard think and possibly, whether they think it right or not, do what all the fans are asking for. With the attendance watch showing a big drop: Updated ATTENDANCE Watch For AVFC and the amount of vitriol and all out hatred, this cannot be healthy for our beloved Aston Villa, and anyone who tries to say anything in the least bit positive about the Club gets ripped apart.

This season needs to be put behind us as soon as possible, hopefully in the PL (I`m sure it will be… won`t it?) and both parties need to part waves. This is not nice, this is not healthy and this is not good. Not for Villa and most especially not for Alex McLeish who no matter what hatred is thrown his way, is a nice guy, a husband, a father and an uncle. I wish him well, but with the level of split between fans and club now, I also wish him gone.