Date: 18th September 2018 at 1:27pm
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This isn’t a Bruce in article.

This isn’t a Bruce out article.

I thought I’d make that clear. It seems, in the modern era of Twitter and social media anger, you can’t express a view without a maelstrom of reaction if they don’t match the readers opinion!

However, surely in anyone’s language, the form that Aston Villa have shown since our fantastic win against Wolverhampton Wanderers, is simply not good enough?

If it is good enough, then I’d need some persuading why. I have kept waiting for things to click. My reason being, if we can pick up results whilst playing such ugly, dull football, imagine what we’ll be like when we start playing well. That argument has fallen apart this season, we’ve – once again – been very poor.


Just 8 wins since the Wolves victory back on 10th March 2018.

In the forum thread (here…) there are some pretty optimisic posters who appear to have turned from support to worry.

McParlandTheGreat says:

The more I look at where we are, the more I think what a mess! We have a transfer window which on paper has brought in some good players, but it seems with no real thought as to how the team will play, or the impact on the squad. And we have failed to bring in needed players again with no real thought about the impact of that.

Net result is that players who looked as though they could be part of a promotion push are now lucky to get on the bench. Is there now any hope of the likes of Hourihane, Barney and Whelan starting? Is Kodjia in the same boat? Is Adomah simply keeping a place warm for Bolassie?

It’s not all like that. El Ghazi is apparently “not yet ready” to start, so is also bench warming, someone who looks like an exciting out-and-out attacking winger. And there are other questions; Tuanzebe is now getting a chance at CB, but for how long and is it only until Bruce can get in yet more loanees in January?

As far our home-grown players, not a sight, and that looks set in stone. Expect the remainder of our U23s to be shipped out in January. Expect more of our senior players to be “given the Elphick”. Expect the exodus of those senior players to be the signal for yet more loans inwards. To play where? It’s not only the benched players; if Bruce had the choice between keeping Grealish and selling him to fund yet more signings, has anybody any confidence he’d do the former?

To me Bruce is set to outdo the shambles he left at Sunderland. If he stays, the cost to this club will be massive.

And DeanoVilla, who like me, has always been supportive of Bruce added, when I put the above stats into the thread added:

That’s pretty worrying, isn’t it? As much as I want Bruce to do well, 8 wins in 22 games isn’t good.

For auto promotion you really need to be winning around 60% of your games.

8 wins in 22 is a win ratio of around 36%. Way off.

Two home wins, with Rotherham tonight and Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday, and things will look up. If not, as much as I like Steve Bruce as a person, the inevitable might have to happen? The new owners and CEO can’t keep waiting, like we have all kept waiting, for things to just ‘click’ can they?

Those stats are shocking Mr Bruce. Please sort them. If not…………….

Maybe the team talk should just be reading out these stats to the team tonight and telling them they have license to go for it?!

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