Date: 12th December 2006 at 12:56pm
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Vital Villa have been asking in the forum what song you’d like to see the players run out to on match days.

Not a massive issue I agree, but one the club is wanting to get sorted after some fans had said they didn’t like the current music.

The latest meeting with the club takes place on Saturday before the Bolton game and representatives have been asked to take some suggestions.

My favourite idea is to get Ozzy and the Black Sabbath boys, all Villa fans, to do a rendition of the old Jonny Cash song Ghostriders in the Sky but to sing Holteenders in the Sky?!

Other suggestions from Sabbath were Paranoid and The Wizard.

Then we have AC/DC Hells Bells – just the intro would be great, those thumping bells and the guitar cord.

Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck.

Guns & Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

An anthem to come out to would also be good, but that then begs the question, can Villa get their own anthem going again?

Think those are all the options we can fit in our poll, so lets see how this goes and we can put forward a suggestion or two. Then no doubt it will be put to the massess together with other suggestions via the Voice in the Crowd polling site.

Might also be good to ask the players, although they might go for that R&B rubbish!


15 Replies to “The Song Villa Should Run Out To?”

  • Excuse me ! ….. I went to vote for ‘theres a nose in me kitchen’ and I could not find it on the Poll…..sort it out please Mr Fear!

  • I love the idea of a Black Sabbath version of Holteenders in the Sky. I think they’d love to get involved and we should celebrate our successful fans.

  • Sabbath recording a Villa song would be awesome. Can’t see it happening, though – the Sabbath boys (without Ozzy) are touring with Dio as ‘Heaven & Hell’ next year, so I think Sabbath is on hiatus for the moment.

    Failing that, Silver Lining would be good, as long as it’s the original and not the “Hi Ho Aston Villa” version recorded by that pratt Dave Something a few years ago. Personally, I think We Will Rock You or Theme From An Unmade Silent Movie should come back.

  • you mentioning ronnie james dio got me off on a tangent, dio is in the tenacious d movie, who did a song called ‘wonderboy’, quite apt for a certain mr agbonlahor ‘wonderboy, what is the secret of your powers’…..!

  • Hey, we’ve a Symes on board, is that son of DS by any chance?!?

    How about the birdy song, we could all do the actions. I’ll get me coat………!

  • sorry crosswesleyanchapel, what are you saying! 😉 You should be able to put that forward as part of your supporter group I think?

  • Jeff Beck’s Hi Ho Silver Lining….cause I used to dig The Yardbirds man. Him and Page in tandem, unbeatable. Just like AVFC. Corny, but true (15 teams would agree with me).

  • lol ! The Albion have Faithless before they come out…..How about Jump Around by the House of Pain

  • So i guess no Hip Hop then…well i guess the villa natives in the black sabbath would be a good idea, but id have to go with nirvana smells like teen spirit

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