Date: 14th December 2017 at 3:58pm
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As always the debate rages on over the manager of Aston Villa. In our forum The Official Steve Bruce Thread continues and just like on the terraces, some love him, some are unsure and others really don`t buy into the vision!

This was an interesting post by “Merd” that we thought would be good to front page:

We all want a stable Premier League football club ultimately.

If we were performing like Wolves and having the odd blip against a Millwall or similar, we would all be happy as flies on a dung heap. We don’t have that level of performance and we continue to be made to look bang average by Bolton, Millwall, Wolves, Cardiff, Reading et al, so we are not all happy.

Perhaps I am unrealistic in my expectations, as others may be, but to get back to the upper half of the PL we must play a better brand of football. Can Bruce deliver this? He has no track record of it so far in his footballing career. Put another way, during all our years of PL football, there was never any Villa fan thinking ‘that Steve Bruce fella, really want him as our manager’.

We are where we are and he has stabilised a sinking ship, got rid of some rotten apples etc, but the reality is that we will eventually replace him as manager. The timing is crucial to our success, as is the name of the next manager. There is no room for sentiment here, this is a decision that has to be and will be made at some point by the board.

For me we are too far into this season to replace him now, but I really don’t want him giving Gabby a new contract or employing any more Whelan’s or Samba`s during the next couple of windows.

Wolves regularly play 8-9 players who are generally young and joined the club this season, while we are relying on a bunch of journeymen with a couple of youngsters.

Timing is everything in football – right person, right place, right time. I believe we should be searching for our Nuno, Wagner or Wenger so that a smooth transition can be made. If we continue with Bruce I can see the continuation of highly paid journeymen making up the majority of the Villa team for years to come. I do understand that it is a risk, but one worth taking. Bruce may get us promoted this year, but for me he will have served his purpose at the end of the season whatever the outcome.

The next five games will give us a good indication of where we will be playing our football next season. The right decision about our next manager, will decide where we play our football for the next decade.

Read more in the forum thread (more adult language etc in there) The Official Steve Bruce Thread


12 Replies to “The Steve Bruce Debate Rages On”

  • I wouldn’t expect it to be honest given the progress we’ve made under him since he arrived.

    5 years of dross and mismanagement at all levels. He’s turned the corner, got us winning games again and made us difficult to beat. Can’t believe anyone is que

  • Isn’t it always the way though? Managers/players are always the topic of debate? I like Bruce though, I hope he gets us up and gets the funds to push us upward in the Prem. Fed up of seeing games like v Millwall though, no excuse for that, albeit a poi

  • One to watch for the near future…. Rowett at Derby now, with umm… ‘combustable’ owners by all accounts and looking good yet again. And I am not just refering to the choice of fashionable sweaters he wears.

    Lee Johnson at Brizzel has endured so

  • If Bruce gets us up, will the team he has created, possibly with the odd addition, be fit for survival in the PL? At the moment, the teams he puts out would in no way do that. He has until the end of the season to change that.

  • Agree with a lot of what Merd says. Replacing Bruce is a case of timing. He’s getting no younger, so we must be looking out for a young, forward thinking manager. I can understand the likes of Samba and Whelan (FFP) but pleaseeeee no new contract for

  • I agree fully with Merd. If we had the likes of Grealish, Baker, and Davis, steadily improving, along with other youngsters like O Hare, and Suliman getting some game time too, I’d be feeling we were laying down more of a basis for the future, maybe with

  • This is the precise same conversation we have with every manager we turn over every 18 months. Not so long ago we were in the top 6 with MO’N and we were still complaining that the style was lacking. Would we take back that position now? (this comment isn

  • If any other club in our position were talking about getting rid of their manager, we would be taking the P out of them. The over reaction every time we drop points is embarrassing, too many people living in the the past with unrealistic expectations. In

  • No I wouldn’t AVFC4ME, MON hit his limit and blew it each and every year and everyone knew the problems we had that were never sorted under his charge. Maybe for once we can address those problems and actually kick on properly. Bruce is getting more rig

  • I don’t disagree with you Mike. I’m not convinced Bruce is the future but I am absolutely convinced that another change of managers is seriously counter productive at this stage. My point really was that in today’s world there is an over emphasis on the m

  • Not sure many are talking about getting rid of the manager to be fair. It’s ok to debate his abilities and where we are at though surely? The Millwall game alone gives a few doubts as to our direction. I like him, I want him to succeed, but I also want

  • I think we have no choice but to stick with Bruce now and hope we can get into the top 6. Don¬ít think we will make automatic promotion due to the awful football we play at times when we just hoof the ball up instead of creating through midfield and on the

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