Date: 31st October 2008 at 10:11am
Written by:

Dannyvellow has rated the team of 81 against the team of 2008. See what you think, do you agree or not?!

81 v 08

Rimmer 9 v Brad 9
Swain 8 v Young 7
Gibson/Williams 7 v Shorey 6
Evans 9 v Laurson 9
McNaught 7 v Cuellar/Davies 7
Cowans 9 v Barry 9
Bremner 8 v Hocky Cokey 7
Mortimer 8 v Petrov 8
Morley 8 v Young 9
Shaw 9 v Gabby 8
Withe 9 v He is bigger than you and me 8

I appreciate that many of you are not old farts like me, but I would value views from those who remember and also the youngsters that study the history books! So not much between them in my book


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