Date: 5th June 2006 at 1:59pm
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The Tinkerman Cometh?

Oh no he doesn’t!

Not sure what the reports today are all about but after the Villa board have publicly backed David O’Leary to remain as manager and Doug has taken ‘assurances’ that last season was a ‘one off’, why are we being linked to former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri?

Why, just because he says that he might be set to return to England, do the press think he is coming to Villa?

Marseille are apparently interested in Ranieri who says ‘I want a solution for this week only as a matter of time. The teams need time for the signing of players and it is not possible to arrive last in this race.’

The press asked him about apparent links to Aston Villa and he replied ‘I am a professional of football open to all options.’

But surely, if we are to believe Dougy boy and his merry men, there are no options at Aston Villa in regards to a new manager?

Maybe someone else can explain why the speculation is continuing, is O’Leary about to walk? On a contract worth around £1.8million a season I think not. Is Doug about to take decisive action? After backing O’Leary why would he do a u-turn? And would Ranieri really be able to do anything at a club where the manager is being forced to sell the very few players it has before bringing in new players?

What a bizarre claret and blue world we all live in!


17 Replies to “The Tinkerman Cometh? No Way”

  • Surely Ranieri would need a bigger contract than the current managers over-inflated agreement? Plus nearly £2m to rid us of O’Leary? Bizarre indeed! Can’t see O’Leary walking…why would he when he’s on such a cushy number??

  • If I were a betting man, I’d be putting a few quid on Ranieri as the next manager of Crystal Palace…

  • GatzonVilla I would not bet against you, I think Palace willbehis destination too, but I dobelieve he would be a great manager for you.But DD does not have the vision!

  • Do the words ‘Doug’ and ‘vision’ really fit into the same sentance? Wish they did!

  • DOL has a strange concept of the English Language, so we’d still be in square one with Ranieri. Dont forget Doug is old and would struggle to communicate with Claudio at the best of times.

  • Doug struggles to communicate with most people at the best of times! Unless it’s the Queen of course

  • How cruel these press people are to raise our expectations that anything is happening at villa park…ever. I can just see it now, so Claudio how do you plan to re-build the team…well with the money i get from the sale of hendrie and de la cruz i should

  • Just one point about DOL walking, surely money can’t be that important to him. If he’s not a multimiollionair after 20 years as a profesional at a top club and his brief but overpaid time as a prem manager, then he must have worse financial advisors than

  • Ranieri with no money to spend would be a complete and utter waste of time. Even with a substantial amount to spend, he wouldnt be my idea of the type of manager we should be looking at.

  • Ha! I think I made the link three months back. It’d be a very good choice – he has a point to prove.

  • John Presscott is the latest name in the press to mentioned with managin Villa cause he will be out of a job soon.Not sure if i beleave it or not!

  • With Martin O’ Neill hanging around the midlands looking for a job I think there is an obvious choice for the next manager of the Villa. Come on Doug, work it out!

  • o neill could be the man to change things ,Hes worked with a small budget before.

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