Date: 3rd August 2009 at 5:46pm
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The Transfer Circus

The first thing to note here is that this is pure speculation from me, but in my mind it makes sense. Having watched the last 3 transfer windows with immense interest, a few things stand out.

The first is the impatience of fans to sign the new ‘star player’ (or in our case – anybody!!). I don’t know how many of you visit other Clubs boards, but it’s pretty much the same everywhere. We are not alone!! Conclusion? It’s normal for transfers to drag on in many cases, and it’s natural as a supporter to get agitated.

Transfers seem to fall into 2 broad categories. Either the deal is done quickly with little fuss, or it drags on for weeks, with other clubs coming in, negotiation over the fee or personal terms, or other underhand
happenings influencing the deal.

I was going to use Downing as an example of the former, but it’s possible this was wrapped up so quickly because of his injury – Middlesbrough glad to get rid of him, and Villa facing less competition. Vermaelen to Arsenal would seem a better example. Arsenal prepared to pay the money, Ajax happy with the fee and the player happy to move on. Quick and easy.

So why do they drag on? Well, let’s look at a few examples. Huntelaar would seem to be the story of the summer. Why the delay? Real Madrid look determined to get rid of him, and fees as low as £9m have been mentioned. Stuttgart seemed to have had it wrapped up, but failed to agree personal terms, and since then interested parties such as Spurs, Inter and maybe us have held off. Why? From the player’s point of view, it would seem obvious – he’s holding out for the best deal possible, entirely understandable. Was he talking to Stuttgart in the hope of forcing the hand of a bigger Club and then bottled it when nobody did?

Hangeland is another strange one. Everyone knows he’s a great player and will probably move this summer, yet it seems nobody has made a concrete offer for him yet (correct me if I’m wrong on this). The consensus is that he will go to Arsenal by the end of the window, so why all the delay’s? Of course, we have a need for a strong CB, but by making an offer we would presumably force Arsenals hand. By leaving it late, does that offer any tactical advantage? Why don’t Arsenal just get in there and buy him?

The Alonso and Bent deals have also dragged on, mainly due to the posturing and negotiation of the clubs involved, trying to get the best deal possible. This is presumably one of the main reasons for delays,
along with agreeing personal terms with a player.

So, what’s the point of this article? Well really to just try and shed some light on the un-fathomable nature of the transfer window, and no doubt create some discussion about the subject.

Having looked at the previous transfer windows, I have no problem leaving deals until late in the window, as long as there are deals done, of course.

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