Date: 1st April 2007 at 11:03am
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Unoial Villa News…

Martin O’Neill has admitted Villa have forgotten how to win. “We’ve got a lot of improving to do. I don’t think we’ve ever lost the spirit and enthusiasm, but we’ve just lost the “how-to-win” mentality. That’s something that has to be ingrained in the whole football club and I’m hoping at some stage we’ll get it.’

Interview with Mr Vital Everton ahead of Monday nights crunch game. A Toffee Talks About Villa v Everton

The News of the World say that Celtic are after Villa striker Juan Pablo Angel. They also link the Columbian player to the New York Red Bulls. The pay is great and they give you wings apparently.

The News of the World also repeats the rumour that Martin O’Neill watched 21-year-old West Brom defender Paul McShane in international action this week.

Vital Villa fantasy league table standings for those of you who joined up. I’m doing great 🙁 Click Here

List of jobs listed by Aston Villa. They did offer me a position but I didn’t like where they suggested I stuck the broom handle. Full article: Villa – ‘Gis a job’

Mark Lawrenson has tipped Villa to beat Everton on Monday night. The BBC pundit said: ‘Villa have been playing quite well without having picked up the points they have perhaps deserved. Couple that with the fact that Everton’s record at Villa Park hasn’t been too hot of late and I’ve got this down as a home win.’ Prediction: 2-0

Mystic Mug is also backing the Villa boys with a 2-0, both from John Carew! With just 2 wins in 19 games, Villa need the points on the board to stop us looking over our shoulders! If we don’t get a win, we’ll officially be bricking it, we are only 4 points off Charlton who are in the relegation zone with Wigan and Sheffield United, both teams we have to play, also behind us.

Gareth Barry, Villa captain and all round good egg, is also looking for Villa to get back to winning ways. ‘There are still seven or eight games left and a lot still can happen. We want to at least finish on a high, get the fans in for the last four home games and show them what’s going to come next season. But we still have to look over our shoulder. It’s always nice to get past the points total where you feel you are safe for another season. Although we are clear at the moment, you need to get to the points total – and then stop worrying.’ He also admits: ‘The killer instinct has been missing.’

Thomas Sorensen says Villa have to show they mean business this summer. The Denmark international keeper wants to see the club push on saying: ‘I hope we spend big in the summer. It has been so-so for a few years. I have been here for four years and we have had a couple of decent seasons, but never really done the business. We need a few good signings to get there. Obviously if we’re talking about European football, I would like to see that happen. The new chairman and manager don’t want to be a mid-table team, they want to be a top-eight team and playing for European places. That is definitely the aim.’ Full article: Sorenson – Villa Need To Push On ()

Gavin McCann has defended the team and says it will take time for the ‘new look Villa’ to gel. I thought the argument was there isn’t a new look Villa yet? Have to excuse me, I’m easily confused! I’d say we won’t fully see a new look until next season when hopefully we’ve had a busy summer spending. With Villa currently in 15th place, a win against Everton is crucial. That could take us up to 11th which would look and feel so much better for all of us and should settle a few nerves. A loss will cement our place in the relegation fight, especially as we still have to play Wigan and Sheffield United again. Full article: 3 Points, 3 Points, My Kingdom for….

Thought for the day: Is Santa so jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live?


10 Replies to “The Villa Times – 01/04/2007”

  • I take it the “Spews of the world” meant Stallybridge-Celtic, when trying to find a new paddock for Juan pubplayer Angel to gallop around in…
    No offence Villa fans, but even you lot know that Angel is a complete donkey, I’m sure the NOTW will be linking our own donkey(Kenny Millar) with a move to Villa…I wish they’d give the MON link a rest, for all our sakes.

  • Tic Celtic have become our feeder club. I think he has a keeper lined up too, but I agree the Bhoys links are getting tiresome as you will need all your players at Celtic as next season it will be returning to a two team league again.

  • lol Hoss, and I’m sure life in a lower division will be well suited to Villa under MON, look on the bright side though, a top six place might be an achievable target when your in the Coca~Cola Championship m8, only kiddin..although it is squeaky bums time for Villa fans just now eh?…, and yes col m8, we ARE your feeder club, and we keep feeding you with all our donkeys, but I’m sure you’ve all worked that one out for yourselves by now(wink), but I’ll give you lot credit, your exceedingly generous at giving us loads of money for old rope..LMAO

  • Got any young rope? TicV nice to see you coming down south a little. It never fails to amaze me how the hoops supporters still love Martin O.

  • TicV”Establishment” comes across as your typical hoops follower. Someone still panging for the MON days at Parkhead, and wishing that both Petrov and Maloney were still plying their trade north of the border, and wearing the green and white hoops.

  • He actually isn’t a donkey, but I think he needs to move to the continent or back to Argentina maybe.

  • erm, sorry to shatter your illusions Villa fans but, as I’m sure some of your fellow Vital-Villa fans will testify(the countless ones who regularly visit us at Vital-Celtic..)…The vast majority of TIC fans were overjoyed when MON finally left!, you are fast becoming aware of his noted limitations as a manager, and tactics, or as we Tims jokingly referred to his lack of them as “tictacs”. I’m neither anti Villa nor Anti MON, just a realist, and Villa could and should have appointed a better manager than MON…his main strength has always been “talking a good game”, which is why he was a godsend to TV punditry..

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