Date: 4th June 2008 at 4:10pm
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Unoial Villa News…

According to the Daily Mail has claimed that Villa have bid £3million for right-back Pascal Chimbonda which has been rejected as Spurs want £5million for the France international. Well, when I say France international, he has one cap coming on as a sub in 2006 coming on in the 87th minute! The former Wigan defender, who played his face up to get a move to Spurs has apparently been told by Tottenham boss Ramos that he isn’t in his plans for next season and that he can leave. Full details: Villa Bid For Spurs Right-Back?

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Article by Heretic on how lucky we are to have Randy Lerner as our owner and the Acorns association from the Generals thread: ‘General, I have to say that Randy’s gesture is truly outstanding. In a game so widely dogged by accusations of greed you guys have shown such decency and generosity it is frankly moving.’ Full article: Click Here

Article by Coeur_de_lion on his pride at the Acorns association: ‘One of the major things Aston Villa lacked under the old regime was class, and yet in the space of just 2 years, one quiet man from America, the supposed home of Silicon and slot machines, has given us back what we never thought possible in the dark days.’ Full article: Click Here

Martin O’Neill will be part of the BBC pundit team for the Euro 2008 Finals which kicks off this Saturday, sadly without England! He explained to the official site he doesn’t expect to uncover any hidden gems explaining that he should know pretty much most of the players at the finals anyway as most play in the European leagues. I thought it strange that he as jetting off to do punditry but in our article comments for this story IanSymes says the BBC pundits will be situated in London, however others have questioned this and it does seem strange. In other words, I don’t know and come to think of it, I’m not sure that I care! Full quotes: Villa Boss Off To Euro’s As A BBC Pundit

Nigel Hokey-Cokey has managed to explain to us thick fans that for us to break into the top four will take time and patience. Blimey, I would never have guessed! The Villa midfielder told the official site: ‘Things take time and that’s the hard part to relate to fans because it’s a slow building process and things happen gradually, not as quick as fans would like it to. But it’s not something a lot of people want to accept because they want an instant fix which just isn’t possible. It’s just about having the patience to let the manager do his job. They should give him a couple of years and go from there.’ He might not have noticed, but MON has had a couple of years. He now needs a couple more! ;-p

Vital Villa asked in our last poll if you’d like to see James Milner back in a Villa shirt. Looks like the vast majority would with only 10% saying no and 2% being unsure. That left 71% yes, if the price was no more than £7million and a further 17% voting ‘yes, at any price’. So there you go!

Our latest poll asks, of all the players we’ve been linked with, (well, not all as there have been millions and I can only fit in so many for this poll) who would you like to see the most?

Thought for the day: (Viz Letter) I’m a terrorist, and when ID cards come into force I will probably employ great cunning and not declare that as my job. I’ll probably say I’m a grocer or something. A Terrorist