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Unoial Villa News…

Gordonsleftboot asks ‘what now for Grealish?’ Let me state at the start, I have never been a fan of Grealish. I first saw him in a friendly at Chester where he was more interested in having a bad tempered tussle with a player of clearly inferior ability than in playing football. Since then we have had the well documented incidents and many hours spent watching what appeared to be a wasted talent. Fast forward to his last 2 or 3 small cameo performances and there were hints that he could be changing. So it was interesting to see him play yesterday. What a different player! Read more: What Now for Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish?

The doubts are still there after another poor performance by Villa on Saturday v Derby County. Another decent post from our forum, (Match thread – Click Here), worthy of front paging. I know some think a few losses and ‘everyone` is on the managers back, but actually the vast majority of the doubters aren`t rabid anti-Bruce fans, they just want to see a bit of decent football or at least some top results. I believe we have 2 points from the top five this season. That`s awful. Injuries are a problem but then, I saw a tweet earlier that puts pay a little to that. McParlandTheGreat said: Bruce Doubters Continue – No Strikers With 2 On The Bench?

An interesting video from on the local derby. It is a fascinating insight, from the police standpoint, as to what they put up with at a local derby Villa v Blues. You can see 13 mins 10 seconds in what some police think of how some of the Blues fans behave (I repeat, some of the fans) Just a stand off between Blues and the police, with the Villa fans still locked into the ground. Mad really isn`t it? Read more: Behind The Scenes With The Police For Villa v Blues

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Thought for the day: A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, a nurse said ‘No change yet.’


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