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The Villa Times 20/06/05

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Well, Malbranque has said he has no interest in coming to Villa which is just as well because DOL has told Steve Stride (bear with me, it is a long time since I’ve been involved in playground shenanigans!) that he doesn’t want Malbranque anyway. So there.

Stride can’t understand us, neither can Ellis. Hmmm. ‘Hopefully there will be some players in shortly. We haven’t stopped pursuing players or talking to agents. I really can’t understand the fans saying ‘we are in crisis’.’

Villa have said Berson can go to Espanyol if the financial terms are acceptable. They want to recoup the £1.6m they paid. What crisis?

Meanwhile Gareth from the Office is suing Steve Stride for impersonating him. I presume Ellis is Brent. Both twats but then again, at least Brent is funny.

Villa are still reported to be interested in Distin from Man City but now papers say Everton have joined the race. Just how thrilled must Distin be to have us chasing him? Everton’s interest according to another report has cooled following the £7million valuation and are in pursuit of Denmark defender Per Kroldrup instead.

Everton are also said to be competing with Villa for Bellamy.

Stride was right about one thing, it seems the same clubs are all after the same players as there isn’t that much quality about.

OH WHAT A SHOCK. Villa will shelve plans to replace Bruce Langham until they find out what role Ellis will play following his triple heart by-pass. Yup, why let corporate governance get in the way of the jolly knees up we call the Villa board. Jeez, I’m pissed off with the incompetence of these idiots, to think they take money out of Villa for the privilege of running us like a joke.

Stride has turned into Ellis saying Villa can follow Everton’s lead and qualify for the Champions League. Same was said last season, season before, season before, season before and yes, the season before.

Villa could join Fulham and Blackburn in the race for Baggies reject Jason Koumas for around £1.5million. That’ll do it, a big signing like that and we’ll all be happy.

Kevin Phillips agent says 6-7 clubs are after him. Southampton Chairman and Doug in waiting Lowe says he has heard nothing. Phillips is currently on holiday. His agent expects movement in the next 2-3 weeks.

Fixtures are out on Thursday morning and the big whigs at the FA are still refusing to let fans print them in their fanzines and websites as it infringes their copyright. What did happen to OUR game? I’m getting bored of the whole set up, they had better be careful, they could one day regret their greed as we all turn off Football PLC.

Mellberg knows the pressure will be on next season as expectations are still high despite a disappointing campaign.

Thought for the day: Support bacteria. They’re the only culture some people have.

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