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I have to say, as much as I usually love transfer speculation, this January I`ve really not been bothered! One reason is we are relying on loans because of the ridiculous and prohibitive Financial Fair Play rules, unless we sell players – and selling players isn`t as easy as it might sound when no one actually wants the players the club would love to get rid of. You still following?! And loans. Well. I hate them. Across all football, they are just naff unless you have an emergency situation (i.e. if you can`t field a fit goalkeeper, then clubs used to get special permission to get someone in on loan. Anyone remember the man in his joggers Gábor Király who we had on loan?) . I don`t mind youth players going to a club at least one division apart (so if you are in the Championship, you can only loan to League Two or lower) but to loan from the Premiership (we are too big to be a feeder club) or in your own division. That`s naff! As said, the rules allow it, my dislike of them is my problem. Where were we? Read more: I Really Don’t Care About This January’s Transfer Window.

It is a rare thing on the Vital Network that we push a charity appeal, mainly because there are so many worthy charities out there and so many worthy people that every other article would be an appeal. So we usually focus on Football Aid as an obvious charity partner to back. However, this young man, Moin Younis, touched the heart of a nation at the Pride of Britain awards and is football through and through. So here, if you have just a few minutes, we would love you to read this appeal and if you can, donate a few pounds. If you are a big company or have any contacts, we`d be delighted if you could open the vaults and help Moin all you can. He supports Aston Villa, but this isn`t about tribalism, it`s about the football community doing what it does best, coming together. Read more: Vital Villa Backs The Moin Appeal – Please Help

Some of the excited reactions after Tony Xia confirmed the loan signing are a bit strange. We`re basically a feeder club at the moment then? And we are meant to be excited? The FFP rules make a mockery out of football. Hey ho. So… what have we got then? Wiki say: Axel Tuanzebe (born 14 November 1997) is a professional footballer who plays as a defender for Premier League club Manchester United. He has represented England at under-19, under-20 and under-21 levels So certainly a hot prospect. Does that excite? For me, not really, because don`t we have our own hot prospect defenders of a similar age? Read more: Errr. Ok Then. Manchester United Feeder Club We Are Then

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