Date: 26th January 2018 at 4:17pm
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Unoial Villa News…

A good debate on the arrival of Axel. Eddy1 said ‘Interesting signing, looks likes he`s fast so maybe to take the ball from defence to attack quickly , we do lack speed in the defence area sometimes, now all we need is a striker to come in …. over to you good Dr.’ I added, ‘thinking that he will probably be holding mid role actually? And then cover if we get an injury in defence. One would assume that means goodbye to Elphick.’ Read more: Interesting Fan Reactions On Axel Tuanzebe. Maybe We’ll Buy?

Following on from the article we published earlier in the week, Would You Give Ross McCormack Another Chance? GMVillan has tried to look more closely at the Ross McCormack question. He says in our forum thread… that it is clear the striker was a bad buy for Villa. Let’s just look at it from a purely footballing standpoint and ignore the discipline issues for a minute… If you look at his goal-scoring record then it stacks up statistically. However, when you remove free-kicks and penalties it’s decidedly average. Given that we have Snodgrass and Hourihane that take a good free-kick I can’t see him getting many chances from dead ball situations. Read more: Why Ross McCormack Was A Bad Buy For Aston Villa

I must have missed this when the Villa View interviewed John Gregory. For me, they were such happy times so this interview series is fascinating. I loved his time at Villa as coach with Brian Little as manager, and then when he who walks on water left, John Gregory came in as manager he was like a whirlwind and the football matched. We shot up the league and all seemed well. Until, like many a manager before him, he got ground down by Doug. Read more: Fabulous Video Interviews With John Gregory

The Bish returns, this time with CEO Keith Wyness. How do I know? Because that is what they say on their site! James Jeavons and Rob Bishop are joined by Villa CEO, Keith Wyness to discuss; Twitter, our current form, injuries, Cyrille Regis, the transfer window, financial fair play as well as much much more! Keith talks to them for 35 minutes and says how much he likes the banter between him and the fans. He knows it gets brutal at times but it`s a part of football that he loves. This makes a great listen, which is no surprise when Rob Bishop is involved. Read more: The Bish Interviews Keith Wyness. CEO ‘I’m Happy Shocker’

Thought for the day: I bought the world’s worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it’s terrible.

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