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Despite what you may think, the wheels have not fallen off.

WOW the doomsayers come out in droves when things start to look a little rough. I do have to say though there are a few who are holding steady and have some patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day folks and its not going to happen overnight for sure. Mon said he would have to see the guys play and evaluate and I think that is what he is doing. He is giving the young guys a try and some of the others a look to see if they fit in the plans. Better to lose a few now, then lose allot after January.

Regardless of who we get during the window I think you will start to see better football and better line-ups post window. And although I see some complaints now about the younger guys on the first team I feel that they will be providing a good amount of talent for the rest of this year and into next.

Now I will admit I am new to following Aston Villa and the EPL in general but I am a sports fan and I do follow quite a few sports. I have seen this play out before and a good finish is not out of the question by any means and Villa will be far and away a better team at the end of the year then they were at the end of last.

I have seen some very passionate posts (in the Vital Villa forum) both pro and con and I know there is a great fan base here and many of you know and WAY more about this sport and this team then I will ever know. I hope though that you can keep things upbeat as fans. Try and see the positive even though the hard times and I think you will be rewarded for it

I know its quite a bit for a first post but I figured what the heck. Hate to see the great feeling from early in the season go to pot!

By new member Etouffee, from New Iberia, Louisiana USA


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  • totally agree the wheels haven’t come off, the wheels were never on. MON was always going to have a tough task with this small squad, he has done well as have the squad, but now they need re-inforcements. Not the new managers fault he hasn’t been able to start to mold his new team yet, it is still very early days.

  • It has been pointed out that the ‘small squad’ tag isn’t necessarily true. We’ve used in excess of 25 this season so far I believe. This doesn’t translate into a quality squad and that has been the problem. It’s clear MON has switched things around in the pursuit of a successful formula. Apart from the 451 with Moore on the left we have struggled. Moore will give us this option back. A right back will allow Mellberg to return to the centre. And although Cahill is doing well, Laursen and Mellberg were awesome together. Perhaps Mellberg is having to cover too much for Cahill? What the drop in fortunes has revealed is the alarming lack of top quality which is no bad thing if it persuades MON to buy.

  • Dont apologise Etouffee, it seems the yuletide spirit has left the claret and blue part of the midlands. with all the bad vibes on here today, its just what was needed.

  • true, maybe not small in the true sense of the word, but look at the players used, some are makeshift and temporary, others are too young and shouldn’t be in the first team as yet but have had to be.

  • I agree – The wheels have NOT come off – I just think that the current squad has found its level – Around mid-table. Last season we underachieved and the overacheived for the first part of this one. The squad will be improved although we may have to wait until the summer to see this done as a whole. Either way, this is batter than last season and the signs are looking good with the new owners and manager moving it forward. God bless Ron Saunders!

  • I quite agree with Etouffee and Then Fear, given that the wheels were never on they have not yet come off. The reality is that we have overachieved to date and MON has been looking at ALL his current options to decide where he needs to strengthen the side.
    I believe everyone has at times, played above themselves, but some have not done it often enough or have now settled back into a comfort zone too quickly. It will take another 18 months to begin to see the way MON’s Aston Villa begins to really perform. Until then with a bit of a run after January we could finish in a reasonable position. I still believe that we can beat Manure in the cup.

  • I dont think that we’re playing any worse than we have performed since the seasons opening day (the Man City game excepted). Admittedly we are not enjoying the run of the ball that we were experiencing up until very recently, but performance wise we have been pretty consistent since day one. As surely we all knew it would, lack of quality and strength in depth is finding us out. Injuries and suspensions are taking a toll, but otherwise as far as I can see, everything is as is.

  • it would be intresting to know how many of villa goals have come from a midfielder (or a player plaing in midfield!) over the last few years. our strikeforce is not the most conistent and we cant rely on barry to score every game.

  • Yes – we have problems – but we have good men in Lerner and O neil to sort them out. That said lets not start back slapping yet – in terms of players on the field we aren’t much further forward than last season. I know we haven’t had chance to recruit yet – but the fact remains – as a force on the field we are also rans. So its the transfer window a chance to recruit some quality. Lets just hope they adapt more quickly than petrov – whose first team place must now be under threat – maybe even from the returning lee hendrie. A lot hinges on this Jan window – ok we could not sign anyone and limp on until may – but then if we finish bottom half who wants to join us ? – the Lerner Impetus will have been lost – we really can’t wait there can be no more excuses – we have had 25 years of waiting…and this is the hour….not August. It won’t be easy – but if the scouts have done their homework they will know who can be moved …and who can’t. For Example if Liverpool sign David Villa – some players that we thought not moveable may become so….I heard a few weeks back that Bellamy was a cert to move to villa in Jan. His form for liverpool suggests he won’t move – but a £25m addition could effectivley put him up for sale ?

  • strange isn’t it
    when unbeaten everyone kept saying all was well, everything was Golden in the land of Lerner, now its excuse time and long term planning rules ok.
    to fix the crap from the days of Ellis will take years, and much long term investment.
    to stop the years of player under investment will take some smart dealing in January, nothing more. the squad size and quality is so sparse and young, any decent player with top quality experience will fit the short term bill, and that’s all that is required, options. No Juninho, no Kakke, just sensible short term acquisitions,nothing more

  • Most fans agreed at the start of the season that anything above mid table was a bonus. That is still the case. I also do not think much will happen in the January transfer window. We are in the very early stages of a long term plan. The goal is to be put Villa as challengers for all the honours. It will not happen this season. Probably not next. Who knows when. Look at Ron Saunders in 1977. He had put together the greatest Villa team in my lifetime. But he still had to take it apart and rebuild it and it wasn’t until 1981 that it eventually produced the ultimate results. So although delivering promotion in 1975 it was a further 6 years before the plan fell into place. It may well be the same with M’ON. With Manure, Chelski, West Ham, Portsmouth along with ourselves having new owners. And this list will probably be joined by Newcastle, Redscouse and Man City in the near future. We have no divine right to expect success. As supporters though we must do our bit and all the clubs above are filling their grounds regularly. We are not, so why should we expect instant success?

  • not instant success – but instant results. You mention saunders taking 6 years to build a championship side – but he get promotion and won the league cup in 75 / 77 – then built his best side 79-81 – but the improvement was noticable almost instantly. Same when Graham took charge – promotion – then a holding season – then runners up spot – same with Ron Atkinson – sorry I don’t buy into this six year plan thing. MON is starting from a higher base than Saunders or Taylor. Personally I don’t think even MON will want to stay around if he isn’t dramatic improvement by this time next year.
    I know it takes time …..but not that long. Europe or pretty close to it by the end of next season would I feel be a reasonable benchmark.

  • Before Implying the wheels have come off, it would be advisable to see if there were wheels in place before the season started.

  • Just to say, ignoring the Big 4 the difference between 17th and 5th is minimal. It does not need a mass change to become one of te best of the rest. With no miraculous new signings we can be a top 8 side just with Luke Moore, Delaney or a new right back, and Petrov either improving or sidelined. I am in full agreement with the Gazvilla assessments. A new wonder striker would be nice but if not available Luke, Delaney, Laurrson would effectively be major new additions to improve our fortunes.The wheels are not off!

  • If any side below the top 3 puts a decent run together they will more than likely qualify for Europe. I just hope the signings in January give everyone a lift to push on till the end of the season.

  • The season has been a case of getting the club back on an even footing. Ensuring the right faces are in place for the challenge ahead, both on and off the pitch.

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