Date: 1st October 2009 at 10:34am
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James Nursey of The Mirror has a report today claiming that Curtis Davies might be considering his future come the January transfer window due to a contract row.

Davies, who it was claimed yesterday (see: More Aston Villa Press Transfer Talk!) in the Sun would be offered a new 3 year deal is apparently not happy with what might be on offer.

The 24-year-old former West Bromwich Albion defender, out for up to five months following shoulder surgery, it is claimed in this report is ‘disappointed’ to have become one of the lowest earners on just £25 000 a week. That really is slave labour and I am sure all our hearts go out to the chap during this most difficult of times.

I’d not have given that much credence to this report if not for the fact it is by James Nursey who is a good guy and well connected + the fact he has quotes from the defenders agent Phil Sproson.

Apparently Davies has played 58 games and has to play 60 before he can negotiate a new deal with Martin O’Neill wanting the player to play the extra two games before negotiations begin. Where is the problem with that? The player is out at the moment, surely £25k will ‘get him through’ until he can once again try to prove his worth? Or is he upset because we have two other central defenders now and he realises, having been up and down in form, that his automatic starting place is now very much under threat?

His agent said it is ‘disappointing’ because he played when the club were low on numbers.

Sorry, didn’t he play because he was bought for nearly £10million and was paid to play? Not because the club were low on central defenders?

Wouldn’t it be great if agents were banned from football if this is the sort of stuff they come out with?!?!

He added in the report – (full report: The Mirror) – that they had thought they’d be able to negotiate before reaching the 60 game mark adding, ‘But it’s the club’s prerogative and we respect Martin’s decision. We’ll have to look at the situation in January when Curtis is available and plays two more games.’

Respect? If there was respect, how did this report with these quotes appear?! Tut tut I say… what say you?!