Date: 7th March 2018 at 6:20pm
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Surely to goodness everyone can help?

A story about one truly inspirational young man, Moin Younis.

To donate £5 text ‘MOFUND’ to 70507.

We did an article: Vital Villa Backs The Moin Appeal – Please Help which actually went out on all my Vital Football sites.

I am always amazed that the rich of this world don’t put their money to better use and what better use than to end the suffering of Mo and to really make a difference in life?

So far £17,733 has been raised of the £250,000 target. That is from 504 supporters.

Plenty of stars wished him well or jumped in front of the cameras at the Pride of Britain awards, shame they aren’t so quick to jump in front of their bank accounts and YES I am a bit militant about these things, the amount of money some have could do SO much good in the world.

I believe if this fund gets to £20 000 the club will match the £20 000 that the players of Aston Villa have pledged.

To be fair, if this owner really is a billionaire… and I don’t think I need to finish that sentence.

I’m quite sure those who don’t have much will again donate as much as they can, those with the fullest wallets will sit on them.

Such is life.

This should be done and dusted now, maybe someone with some serious money will read this and make a difference in life.


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