Date: 29th January 2017 at 12:21pm
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And I`d say this pretty much illustrations why Aston Villa SHOULD keep Jack Grealish.

Reports last week suggested a possible exit for Grealish to Middlesbrough. His brother has actually said that`s not happening on facebook and to be fair, if you were looking to move on, I wouldn`t have thought Middlebrough would be number one on your list would it?

But young Jack has talked to Gregg Evans of the Birmingham Mail saying he is all too aware that he has work to do on his game and that he`s not the finished product yet.

The self awareness makes good reading as some are already saying in Grealish forum thread .

He tells Gregg that he knows he has to bring some more variety to his game “I`m working on that, I know I need to get better,”

He is also working hard with assistant Stephen Clemence (Clem).

“I`m still young and I`m still learning. I asked Clem recently if he could help me and make me a better player. We`re working through that process now.”

Nice and positive isn`t it?

Jack Grealish

He says the relationship with Clem is the closest one he`s had and lets be honest, since he`s come onto the scene, we`ve got through a few managers and assistant managers, coaches etc. It doesn`t help in the development of a player does it?

These sorts of interviews are great to read though, if we don`t get told, we speculate as to the character of players don`t we?

Our poll results seem pretty fair:

Would you sell Jack Grealish?

Poll Date: 27 Jan 2017
Suggested By: JP Fear

No 59%
Yes 22%
For the right money only, yes 18%
Unsure 1%

I think the ‘for the right price` is the same as for any player really, every one of them has a price where you couldn`t refuse. But 59% saying no is pretty good support.

He goes on to say that he talks over each game with Clem going through video of his performances, adding, “The way I play is different to most but I`m changing.”

Interestingly he compares himself to his mate Dele Alli who he says ‘does everything`. “Watch me and I only really like the ball into feet. I don`t like running in behind so much.”

And he also talks of his Preston North End performance (not just him in the second half this either is it?). 1st half he was fairly pleased, second half? “****, not good enough,”

The positivity makes me think with the better quality players Steve Bruce has brought into our midfield, along with the competition this creates, might just be the making of Jack. He finishes, “I`m working so hard to make it right and improve. I`m just glad to have someone like Clem taking the time out to help me.”

Fingers crossed we end up with Jack the legend then.

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