Date: 7th April 2006 at 8:10pm
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Following on from the interview Vital Villa did with Rob Carson this week about not renewing his season ticket after 25 years: A Villa Fan Explains: No More I received this email today from another Villa mate, Gareth.

He said:

Three more games to go then FREEDOM !!!

After 7 years sitting in these seats and 25 years of regularly going to Villa Park I should be gutted that we have decided not to renew our 4 season tickets. Unfortunately all I can feel at the moment is relief that soon the agony of travelling 220 miles for a home game to watch the pathetic drivel we have seen this year will soon be over.

I am so disillusioned with football that I might not even renew my Prem Plus on Sky either !

Want to have a bet that the ‘Were not fickle etc’ banner will not be allowed this weekend ?

Come on 10th April – Lancashire vs Yorkshire friendly cricket match at Old Trafford. 12 months ago this would have passed me by – now I can’t wait to sit in the members enclosure supping my pint and chanting ‘who are you ? who are you ?’ etc !

There must be a home for my passion somewhere – isn’t there ?

See you Sunday


It was never meant to be like this was it? Some say you should support your team through thick and thin, but we’ve been drifting in mediocrity for years now and fans are slowly but surely drifting away.

How do we stop the rot? Get new buyers, or at the very least get Doug Ellis to appoint a chief executive, someone like Bruce Langham perhaps (!?) and to step down himself. Just because he has 33% of the shares does not mean he has to remain on the board. Sir Alan ‘you’re fired’ Sugar is still the majority shareholder in Tottenham Hotspurs but he relinquished his role at the club.

For the sake of all things claret and blue, step aside Doug, step aside.


12 Replies to “Three Games Then Freedom From Villa”

  • Seems like there is a growing trend. I’ve a handful of mates who don’t have season tickets anymore and a good few saying next season they aren’t renewing.

  • Lower League football, ice hockey runs at the same sorta time, you could switch to rugby.

    Who knows…who ******* knows what we can do if football really does get any worse!

  • No, it very definitely wasnt supposed to ever be like this. I dont think I’ve ever looked forward to the end of a season so much, hoping that the summer months will see the beginnings of the re-birth of this great club. A break from the monotony of having

  • Lets just hope you are right glensider, major changes in the summer would surely bring the buz back. If the status quo remains…………. gulp.

  • I am of to Twickenham to Powergen cup Finals day tomorrow and will try my hardest to focus on the beer and Rugby whilst thinking the Villa are winning easily.

  • Doug has done great things with Villa park but he has forgot 1 major thing that being fans to fill it and premiership football.

  • Yeah come and watch the Cherries! Lots of the youngsters down here now! Is it me, but until the takeover happens the attendances will continue to drop?! And then if the team doesn’t perform and the ticket prices are raised we will be back to square one. S

  • I’m with Glensider. I used to hate the end of season. Boring summer months waiting for any snippet of transfer gossip to keep you going till the new season. This year I can’t wait. Bad season, bad football, bad manager, bad chairman. Bad,bad,bad,bad,bad.

  • Could we buy out the Villa? I mean would it be possible for the fans to buy out Doug? I’ve heard of some clubs in the lower leagues run by supporters trusts. Does anyone know anything about this?

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