Date: 28th March 2012 at 4:06pm
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Ok, the last poll, which has proved a bit of a talking point… Must admit, I`m sooooo tired of all this, what a shame the whole season is again focussed on an unpopular manager instead of football. Sad times! I think next time a manager is appointed, they should consult and find out what would make a website owners life the easiest, this appointment wasn`t one that would ever allow for a nice quiet life! LOL

More talk of protests pre-Chelsea, thoughts?
Poll Date: 27 Mar 2012
Suggested By: JP Fear

Want McLeish out, won’t be protesting 49%
Not interested, want McLeish to get time 23%
Would go if I lived close enough 16%
Will be going, got to express our views 11%
Unsure 1%

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Are we THAT bad to be 15th thread: Click Here Which confuses me, because some say the squad IS that bad, so then, it can`t be the manager can it?!?!

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McLeishout guy sent in an article re: the poll:

Want him out but wont protest?
It is safe to say now that it is a very large majority of fans that want Alex McLeish sacked as manager. A number of fans are happy to moan and groan online but when it comes to taking part in any planned action to show their discontent they refuse to take part.

Why is that? Its all well and good us moaning on here, twitter and facebook but does that really grab the clubs attention, No!

We need a large, strong and vocal ANTI-MCLEISH presence at Villa Park on Saturday. The larger the number present at the protest, the more serious we will be taken.

People are worried about how they look if they attend a protest, why? It shows you care, have passion and still want to fight for the best interests of your club. The protest will be peaceful and non violent so what is the problem?

What else should we do, just sit back and do nothing and accept this and let it run on in to next season? Keep paying a small fortune to watch us go down?

I love this club and refuse to sit back idly and watch this manager destroy us. McLeishout thread: Click Here


An article on all this from regular contributor voiceoftheholte. I asked re: the name calling, as I`d rather the manager to be called his name (however, this isn`t the worst thing he has been called, some of it is way way too personal) I agreed to leave it as this but to just point out, I think the argument is far better made just calling him his name, McLeish… the rest is not needed and to me, lowers the debate… I digress:

Article Title is: Tips on how to protest peacefully

As the current poll shows, nearly 80% of users this site want McMuppet gone. However 50% are not keen on joining any pre match protests even though they want him out.

This begs the question – how are you going to get your voice heard?

However there are still a minority who want McMuppet to get more time. We are all entitled to our views and although I am massively against McMuppet, who is to say that the minority are not right?? Those against protesting pointed to low turnout numbers as evidence that people do not want McMuppet out. I would say I have never been to an anti fascist rally, doesn’t make me a fascist. The protesters have stated that not once in his tenure have the fans sang his name as evidence that they have no support for him. I would also say that the away fans have nearly all sang for him to be sacked. It is as obvious as the nose on your face that McMuppet will never be accepted at the Villa.

I suggest that the fans who support McMuppet produce banners to show their support. I would also suggest that they start giving him some vocal support. It is no good saying he should have more time and then allowing the apathy of the remaining fans to scupper your faith in McMuppet. If you want McMuppet to stay, then grow a backbone. Lets see your support for the man. He must feel as thought the world is against him, so if you do support him then bloody well show it. If we do not see and hear your support for him then it must be assumed that you are against him.

To those who want McMuppet gone – immediately, if not sooner!!!! Then there are ways in which protests can harm the message. If when protesting you shout/sing abusive language, then it will get no coverage. TV and radio will turn off as soon as there is bad language. If you have banners or flags, then they must be hidden from the Support Prevention Officers (stewards) when entering the ground or they will be confiscated. When these flags are displayed in the ground if they have negative references to his nationality/hair colour/are abusive you are leaving yourself open to ejection and possibly criminal charges. The banners will get no press coverage (which the campaign needs) if they are abusive. I suggest writing to Randy to express your views. Alternatively just ‘return to sender’ any post you get from the club and write on it ‘McLeish Out’. If the club send out 20,000 letters, even if just 10% are returned this will drive home the message.

The club are doing everything possible to stimulate ST demand. It begs the question why didn’t they do this several years ago when we could have possibly got in excess of 30,000. Why do it now just because they know that ST uptake will probably fall below the 10,000 level? Other than protests, banners, ST boycotts, refusal to buy merchandise, returning of all club propaganda by post, are there any other peaceful and simple ways that as fans we can get the message out locally and nationally that we want McMuppet removed as soon as possible? Up the Villa.

McMuppet Out.