Date: 20th August 2007 at 3:24pm
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Martin Laursen says the display against Newcastle shows no team can take Villa lightly this season.

The man-of-the-match told the official site :

‘We had to perform our very best and we did. We played really well and we showed everyone that we have a very competitive team, a team that can really do something this year. If we believe in it and we work hard every time we play, there is enough quality to do really well in this league.’

He also admits he so nearly scored, at both ends!

‘Anywhere else and it was a goal. I would have loved to have scored a goal after my own-goal against Liverpool. But it wasn’t to be.’

On loan goalkeeper Scott Carson was also left happy after the 0-0 having pulled off a couple of very handy saves.

‘I was delighted to keep a clean-sheet on my debut. That was the main thing I tried to take out of the game. I thought the lads defended well and to be fair I didn’t have a great deal to do. That’s the way I like it – the lads did a great job. The defenders were superb and that’s good to know. The communication will come over the next few games, but I was really pleased with how it went. It wasn’t just the defence, I thought all the lads worked really hard and we deserved to come away with all three points really.’

Meanwhile if reports are to be believed, supposed Villa and Tottenham Hotspur target Curtis Davies has been priced out of a move as West Brom want in the region of £15million. At the end of the day this is only paper talk but if the Baggies don’t want to let the player go, then why shouldn’t they price him out of a move? The player is contracted to them, the players have too much power these days and maybe it is time for the balance to be redressed?

No other real rumours about at the moment linking Villa to any signings. 11 days left in this transfer window…. tick tock, tick tock, tick tock! (Would like to have said cuckoo but can’t, I don’t have that sort of a clock)


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32 Replies to “Tick Tock – Tick Tock – Cuckoo”

  • Anyone see the Sunday Mirror player ratings? Barry got a 9, Mellberg a 7, and Laursen who every other man and his dog gave MOTM to, got a 6!!! It’s a funny old game.

  • a player is too expensive for us…….all together now……surprise, surprise, the unexpected hits you between the eyes. (Saying that 15mil is taking the schmeical).

  • how about we go for a player who is not going to cost 15 mil (just an idea – maybe one from the continent). We do have scouts dont we? WHAT ARE WE PAYING THEM FOR!? Surely 15mil would pay for the best defender in say holland. So why are we messing about with one of the best defenders in the coca-cola. Is this transfer melarky so effin difficult?

  • The transfer market is a joke, it’s too much of a sellers market. I think West Brom are right in what they are doing though. Prices of players can go down as well as up! I would say paying over 10m is way too much of a gamble unless we are guaranteed 100% of the sell on fee. If Davies is worth 15m so is Cahill.

  • I’d agree with 8 mil for Boswinga, but according to the papers his club are now asking 12 mil – should we pay that? At what point do we say “you’re taking the p*ss?” and walk away? I know everyone is frustrated with our lack of activity, but there really does have to be a limit to what we pay, or we will be in hock to every other club in the world when it comes to buying players. We need a reputation for being canny, not for throwing our (Randy’s!) money around.

  • What signals are we as a Club sending out to potential players? To me it seems like we are saying we may need you but we aren’t desperate until the last day of the window, 3 games into the new season and 1 day before we play Chelsea and only then at the right price. Not that tempting to new players or showing a genuine interest. If I was a player I would want to be moving in the summer, as soon as possible after the end of the season so I can move house and my family, get settled in a new area, meet my new team mates, get to know the tactics etc… not now the season has started.

  • Yes, we got scouts alright tylervilla. The chief one if you recall, was only too ready and willing in early June to alert us all to the exciting fact that several new faces would be coming onboard this summer. Well we aint seen a summer, and we aint seen any new signings either. I blame Ellis though.

  • We have let all our squad players go for peanuts as soon as they ask. I think this has sent out a message to everyone else that we have got money to burn so other teams are holding out for the absolute maximum.

  • WBA have a rebellious player on their hands who want play for them. They want daft money as there is a bidding war. When that war ends and we get to 31/08/2007 WBA have a decision to make. Do they sell at a cheaper price or have an angry player. Another way of looking at it is they won’t even be able to spend the money they get so they might accept it a few days before the 31st. If Davies goes he’ll go for less than 10 mill. Boswinga on the other hand hasn’t refused to play and his club can afford to keep him.

  • O’Neill knows what he is doing, we just have to be patient.

    Its no good panicking we just need to wait until Sept 1 and see the results through the season and where we finish in the league.
    We are in a 5 year plan it will take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day and look at the aggravation Sir Alex got in his first seasons.
    O’Neill is an excellent manager, one of the top 3 in the world, he knows what he is doing. The board are wonderful, look at the new training ground, the changes to Villa Park, the scarves and the trip to Chelsea, everything is ok, keep the faith.

  • For those impatient ones – The short term plan was to qualify or at least challenge for a uefa spot via the league this season – the next 11 days will tell us whether the short term plan has been successful. Well play Laursen’s – optimistically looking forward to consistant performances from this fella throughout the season….

  • anyone fancy going down to villa park with me and my “can we have a right back please” campaign?

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