Date: 18th March 2006 at 10:43am
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David O’Leary wants some resolution to the takeover saga which seems to have been running longer than Coronation Street. It appears obvious that the Comer deal is dead in the water, the group have never put in an official bid despite being assured the bid they suggested they would make would have been recommended to the Shareholders. If they had the money, with that sort of comment from the board of Villa, surely the deal would have been sealed? That said, you can understand a delay in anyone approaching now, because we are yet to reach a points tally in the Premiership to ensure our safety. If we went down, so would the asking price but if we stay up the club obviously need a deal done and dusted quickly so that funds can be put in place for the summer. If the current status quo remains, it seems clear that there will be very little, if any, money available to strengthen the squad.

David O’Learysaid: ‘There’s been all the negative uncertainty around which I ve been trying to keep out of the place. To kick on what we need, we haven’t got at the club and that is no disrespect to anyone. Like the fans and everyone else, I’m hoping something positive can happen so we can stop having to answer these questions about the future of the club. It would be lovely to come back in the summer and everyone s concentrating on the football – and to not get asked about the future. The longer it continues, the more the uncertainty grows.’

Adding: ‘What I’ve been hearing since Christmas is to keep the club safe until something happens.’

So, it is surely time for the board to give us all, especially the shareholders, an update on what has been happening with Rothschild? It is also time for the Comer Group, who set up Aston Villa Investment Ltd (AVIL) for the takeover attempt, to let us know what the situation is. Have they the money? Are they still proceeding? Are they waiting to know if Villa are safe? Or are they what many of us fear, not in the game at all?


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  • Well we’re 3-0 down at half time so what ever happens you’d have to be a looney to take on this sinking ship, even the titanic went down with more fight ,absolute ****e villa, no more excuses “WE’RE **** AND WE KNOW WE ARE” all together “WE’RE **** AND WE

  • Be careful about mentioning the Titanic, I got into trouble by mentioning the comparison of that great ship to Southampton on the Pompey site.

  • I agree, ther is no need to panic!!! ALL IS ALREADY LOST!!!!! I’m not panicing, just resigned to the fact that without a new manager and inevitable new ownership (Even if Doug never sells even he will one day leave through either ill health or death) we

  • We know all about the rules and regulations governing this issue, but this deafening sound of silence is another slap in the face to supporters. The uncertainty is worrying, very worrying, and we cannot go into next season with the current regime still in

  • IMHO no news is good news, so lets just wait and see and if it happens then great if it dosen’t it dosen’t.

  • Isn’t it ironic that the name of the only interested party is ‘Comer’, as it feels like this club has been in a coma for decades now!

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