Date: 29th May 2012 at 1:28pm
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I am not sure when it happened, but if things carry on as the way they are we are about to be labeled as the ‘Untouchables’. It seems that every forum and every comment is another reason to moan, gripe and generally do down our great club. I have been as guilty as others on this matter. It is like a disease. When it takes hold it is hard to shake off. Unfortunately when you are affected everybody avoids you and the only ones by your side are those who take pity.

This needs to stop and it needs to stop now! If not it will surely lead to the self destruction of our club. McLeish took us on out of pity and a desire to rob us of £2m a year, but no one else was bashing our door down demanding the greatest title in World Football – Manager of Aston Villa FC.

So can we try something different.You never know, we may actually like it!! It maybe infectious and others will like it and before long maybe even outsiders will see it and like it and want to be part of the euphoria sweeping the region.

I propose POSITIVITY for all things claret and blue and based in B6 6HE the postcode of Aston Villa Football Club, founders of the game, home of the birth of League Football and the true reason that most of us get out of bed each day.

We gave the game to the world. We have a statue outside the Trinity Road to recognise that William McGregor of Aston Villa gave the game to the world.

We are the 5th best performing team in the Premier League Years and one of only 7 teams to be ever present in the toughest, most demanding and most watched league in the World. Even before the Premier League we were one of England’s most successful clubs with more League titles, FA Cups, League Cups than nearly everybody. Oh and by the way we won the European Cup when you had to be Champions to even enter the competition and we didn’t need penalties to win it.

Our ground is superb. It is recognised World wide and the Holte End is still the biggest end terrace in English Football. Even in the old days of standing terraces it was the biggest. The Kop at Liverpool pah!!!. It was tiny in comparison to the Holte End, Villa Park B6 6HE. I remember standing on it amongst a crowd of 48,000 against Bournemouth in 1972 in the old 3rd Division. The press were telling everybody how wonderful Sheffield Wednesday were recently because they had 38,000 for a last day promotion game. Well let me tell you our 48,000 wasn’t for a last game of the season, it was just another game and followed crowds of 40,000 for games against Chesterfield and Walsall. Villa Park in full cry is the best ground in the World. Yes it needs to be rocking more often and as supporters we need to fill it for every game and create the atmosphere week in week out, not just on the big nights. But it can be done as long as we have the positive attitude to doing it instead of looking for excuses for it not to happen.

More players have represented England whilst playing for Villa than they have for any other club. Yes that is correct. Manure, Chelski, the Arse. Don’t make me laugh. England is Aston Villa. We are in the heart of our great country and the press don’t want us to take over again and do us down at every opportunity they get. Even the National Stadium that everybody knows should be in Brum was not put in its rightful home. Do we care that Arse have a 60,000 stadium, that Chelsea will probably have one soon, that London also has the Olympic Stadium to go with Wembley and that even little old Spuds might want a new stadium as well. Well we don’t care.

We are Aston Villa and we will go our own way. We haven’t needed government support and intervention to create one of the most iconic grounds in the country. We haven’t moved into the Council built stadium used previously as a running track as ManCiteh have done. We haven’t relied on a disaster to build our fan base. Munich was a disaster and wouldn’t be wished on any team and their families, but in the long run it has been the foundation for Manure developing a good world wide following. We have been built on the back of a hard working, loyal and dependable manufacturing area where people work hard and stay local and loyal. We are Brummies and we are proud.

We have one of the finest academies in the game and in KMAC one of the great unsung heroes bringing through the likes of Carruthers, Gabi, Albrighton, Clarke, Gardner, Baker, Herd, Lichaj etc. They have developed as winners as our reserve team consistently win the league. This winning mentality will be galvanised into the future of our club.

Thanks to Doug’s foresight and Randolph’s investment we have one of the finest training grounds in the country.

We do not have an owner who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. We have an owner who in 5 short years has earned a reputation as a philanthropist and a wonderful loyal Chairman who goes about his business in the correct way. He doesn’t steamroller over everybody and treat them with disrespect. Of course there will be some who simply want the big bucks to compete with the Oil revenue. But that has never been our way and we should be proud of that, not complain that we want our own zillionaire. We should be proud doing things the right way. It may not buy titles and trophies, but it means we can hold our head up and our way means that only 6 other clubs in the country have maintained or levels for the the last 20 or so years. Yes he has made a couple of recruitment mistakes, but I do not seem to recall any Villa supporter stumping up the money he has and doing a better job. Strangely I have heard many moaning about it and complaining about spending £500 (the price of an average TV) on a season card. Well Randolph stumped up £250m because non of us Brummies were able to do it. Give the man the respect he deserves and has earned.
I know some will want to pick holes in this statement. Go ahead if that makes you feel better. If you want to moan and pick faults and blame everybody else as to why we are so negative then fill your boots. But a football club is only as good as its fans and is more often then not a reflection of the community in which it is based. So have a moan, whinge, gripe, make excuses whatever. I no longer care for the people who want to drag us down. I would rather be part of the process that drags us up.

In life there are people who do and there are people who make excuses as to why they don’t.

We are Aston Villa. We are Prepared. And we need to get back to being a group of supporters who DO. Not a group of supporters who look for every reason as to why we do not. Support our players. Support our Chairman. Get your season tickets and support your club. Sing your hear out. And if any outsider tries to do us down then tell them where to go.

Once a Villa Man. Always a Villa Man. Now let the world know that next season we will win the League, the FA Cup and the League Cup and the following season we will win the Champions League. And if it doesn’t happen next season it most certainly will the season after . . . . or the season after. It will happen if we believe it will.



The 19th minute.