Date: 25th September 2018 at 12:00pm
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Fresh on the back of Jack Grealish’s new five-year contract at Aston Villa, we’ve seen the return of some nonsensical claims in the press as old stories get a facelift and get rehashed without actually offering anything new to the conversation.

Is Jack our new highest paid player – I don’t know. Is James Chester going to possibly retake that mantle with the claimed new deal for him – I don’t know.

What I am pretty sure on is people need to stop losing their marbles over a 12 point deduction just because the media remind us it’s now in the rules…certainly fans need to stop assuming that’s our eventual fate on the back of those reports, because I’ll give you a little secret, no-one knows until next March when the assessments are actually done.

This is why no report says categorically we are in line for a 12 point deduction, they just let fans read into it.

Another one this week is the ‘it’s believed’ claim that Villa are covering Yannick Bolasie’s wage in full. Not a chance. Everton wanted rid on a permanent deal, they had no-one take a bite so there’s not a cat in hell’s chance that we are paying whatever it’s claimed this week he earns. I’ve seen people state it’s anywhere between £70,000-£90,000.

If from the beginning, the same outlets contradict their own claims, why the hell is anyone taking additional claims to heart?

And did our deal for Bolasie scupper a move for John Terry – I kind of remember him looking at Russia and seeming to choose them over a return to us. Do fans really think we’ll keep a pot of cash just in case Terry decided to change his mind when it comes to squad strengthening if others were available?

Defensive nonsense aside and the clear lack of balance in the squad – think of the players that departed over the summer. That claim doesn’t stack up on any day of the week, let alone April Fools.

Frustration is high in the fanbase, there’s plenty to be critical about at the moment and I get why people keep losing their trousers over things – but when did the planet forget to take some things with a pinch of salt and forget that no media outlet says ‘believes’ ‘understands’ or any other type of caveat when they flat out know because they’ve seen proof.

You don’t caveat a fact – you caveat something you read elsewhere online that’s unsubstantiated.

Also, please tell me why some fans still seem to think a manager at a club handles the finances and signs the cheques – I thought that one had been done to death. That’s above Bruce’s pay grade and when you throw nonsensical criticism like that into things, it weakens the valid points that many make.

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