Date: 1st July 2009 at 10:49am
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Now, my last article was probably a bit on the depressing side, I admit that, I mentioned the lack of summer signings, or links to big players since the season finished. But now, come on Mr O’Neil, let’s splash the cash!!!

Mr Lerner has been quoted as saying the money is there so go get em, show them the ways of the Villa, let them hear the Holte end roar, the big games he wants us to play and bring the Champions League here.

I have said we can finish top 8 if we don’t make any signings, now if we don’t make any new signings then I will be posting another article saying why haven’t we made any new signing and be asking for everyone’s head, even the grounds man (why not?)

But as today is the 1st July, I feel more optimistic, maybe its because I had weetabix this morning I don’t know but I truly hope with the transfer window now open and hopefully in full swing, then by the end of the week we can all be discussing in the forum and in articles (keep sending them in, there all great to read!!!) the 3/4/5 new players MON has signed, done deals before the window opened.

Owen, Senderos, Bentley, Gudjohnsen would be a good start and that would do me nicely, I know for one I would go and get my new shirt with Owen on the back, might not have had the best of times at Newcastle but I truly believe if he moved here, he can have develop Gabby into a lethal machine and he himself getting him back into the England squad. I would be gutted if he joined Everton as that could prove the difference come end of the season, just an extra 10 goals would help us, it could be key.

So lets hope we can have a relaxed transfer window knowing all our ‘major’ signings are settled into training and we’re not signing nobody players with 10 minutes to go on August 31st.



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  • Blah blah blah……….same old crap……….whoevers coming will come, whoever isn’t won’t…… goes on, do yourself a favour, stop reading made up rumours in the press, puttin 2 + 2 together and coming up with 3, how many so called targets ever go where thay are supposed to unless it is big time players such as ronaldo etc…….

  • AstonMilan, I like these articles and it gives us all something to look forward to, it also lets us Villa fans talk about it, if you want to watch in the background and see what happens without talking bloody well do it and place your negative somewhere else………Back on topic, Yes i do believe Owen, Gudjohnsen, Bentley would all be class signings to give us that extra clinical finishing we are missing, I would also love Hleb/Defour to replace Barry, I hope we have done deals in place and MON hasn’t just been watching, we have Money and yes we need to spend over the odds sometimes, but the likes of Owen-free, Gudjohnsen 3m, Bentley 8-10m is hardly breaking the bank and we can afford their wages because we are hardly spending loads on transfer fees, Come on MON.

  • Its a good job I cant count Astonmilan. You need to have your weetabix and cheer up a little, otherwise you’ll end up becoming a blue nose

  • Can`t see us coming top 8 with this squad tbh, he needs to buy and it would make sense if it was in the next 8 days,however MON lives on planet 1980`s when it comes to transfers.

  • ASPINALL be positive a bit man,We have a squad which finished sixth last season,Many said before the start of last season we wouldn`t repeat it but we did!!We have a really good first team and yes it needs adding to but come on we have every reason to be a bit more upbeat about things.If we get 2 or 3 quality first teamers and a few squad players then we will do well.How does o`neill live in planet 80`s?IT IS HIS ******** TRANSFERS WHICH HAVE GOT US INTO EUROPE TWICE IN A ROW!!!!This defeatist attitude is getting pathetic,i really don`t know what team some villa fans on here are watching,Bolton or a squad which was in the top 4 for most of the season in aston villa.CHEER UP FFS!!!!!!!!!

  • Astonmilan does sound very negative, but he’s got a good point. If every player went to the teams they’re linked with there’d be about 4 Brede Hangelands in the premier league alone. The fact of it is that a link to a player generates hits on a website or sells papers and has any basis in truth about 10% of the time, if you’re lucky. I’m sure that about 3 weeks ago Bentley was ‘quoted’ as being in talks, and yet the day after the club came out and denied it. Between the club and a peper/website, I know who I beleive.
    Yes, it can be nice to have a bit of tittle tattle about who the new faces may be, but being linked to a player is a long way from a club being interested in him.
    So, with that in mind, let’s sign Gudjohnssen, Bentley, Defour and Wheater thanks, theyre bound to come, I saw it on the ‘net, only £25m for the lot.

  • I’m not being negative, I’m just pointing out that a lot of these posts are being posted day after day, and they are all the same, DRIVVEL, I’m happy the way way we are progressing, and players will come thats for sure, Young, Carew just appeared without much notice, so will others, anyone who thinks you can just go out and buy players on a whim nowadays are deluded, agents and players are milking eberything out there, so its a very difficult job for managers who want quality players who are willing to buy into the club and not their bank accounts. I trust the professionals to do what the can, not someone on a forum thinking they know or could do better. Journalists are paid to fill the pages of news papers, so anything that sounds feasable will do.

  • My appologies for spelling, I’m typing in car on Tescos !! Sure someone just saw MON and Harry going into Greggs discussing Young for Bently, Keeane and Jenas, well so my source in Spain said, whilst on the phone to his bank manager.

  • lerneravfc – what were the stats since Laursen got injured ? Also GB has left so please have a think,those 2 players have been MON`s best performers over the 3 years in my opinion and were in fact not signed by him,if you think he makes great signings and is all that then great for you,if i look now at his 3 year transfers and costs i`m not that impressed, i think he`s wasted a lot of money and isn`t shrewd enough.

  • Firts of all I agree with Stig, as my name implies I am also a big Milan fan, and Sanderos hasn’t really impressed out in the San Siro, and ASPINALL I agree about Laursen, he will be extremely difficult to replace, there are defenders out there in Europe who are rated, but thats what scouts are for, on Barry though, he was good but I don’t get wrapped up in the ‘can’t be replaced’ syndrome, there are players at the club who could fill his place and probably not keep playing it backwards or sidewards, have pace and can and will tackle !! Also there are players available elswhere for similar money that are much better. I have been following Villa home and away for 22 years and these last few years have been good, but lets not get above our station, football has changed, fans expectations have risen and the last thing I would want is to experience what Leeds, Newcastle and Boro have through spending willy nilly, nor do we want the debts of Spurs, Liverpool or Arsenal. We should aim in between at Champions League football regulary and cause Utd and Chelsea problems on a regular basis. Wait and see if Hughes is manager of City xmas, all the players he bought yo-yoing around the prem again etc……we are doing ok, settled squad albeit too small which none of us will deny, time for some shrewd business as you say. Lets hope he does, either way I will always follow them, good or bad. UTV

  • All I will say is I agree, agents do help control the transfers and hype things up but if you read what I said is that I am optimistic about who I think we should go for and who we will get, but you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I know come next year hopefully we will be having the same argument having given Man U and Chelsea a run for their money like you say

  • a nice dose of realism astonmilan !! ,2 top 6 finishes with the smallest squad in the league and very limited resources compared to the ‘big’ 4.
    we need to chill out a little and let the summer run its course,i agree we need players to fill out the squad but the nucleus of our team is very strong.i feel centre half is the position we need to fill foremost as we let in some soft goals last season.

  • Gudjohnssen AND Owen? Surely not. Instead of looking at names, let’s look at positions that need to be covered? IMHO – one high quality CF. One high quality CB. One World Class midfielder. MINIMUM. Cover for the full backs would be my next wish. So, DreamLand for me would be Owen, Hangeland, Hleb/Defour, Lescott, Naughton. Like I say, I’m a dreamer…

  • I know i have said this before, but why aren’t we looking at the Real Madrid yard sale? Ruud would fit the bill. He may be coming towards the end of a cracking career but he’s a striker that has never relied on pace. Those are the ones that go on and on. Van der Vaart Snieder and Hienze and drenthe are all realistic targets. They wont play next season at Real.

    Atonmilan, the only peopla that dont care about who coming and going are the people that dont even look at forums like this. So my question is – What are you doing here? A blue nose spy me thinks.

    Up the might VILLA!

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