Date: 10th September 2017 at 11:18am
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Tired and jaded?

HOW on earth can these young fit players be tired after just six games?

Bruce is quite right, without Johnstone once again, we`d have lost the match.

I don`t get how a team can play 90 minutes and not test the opposition keeper once? I especially don`t understand it when the opposition is 23rd in the league and lost three players (I think?) late in the transfer window.

The game was frankly pathetic.

I went in with three lapsed season ticket holders, suffice to say after yet another no show from the team, they will remain lapsed season ticket holders.

I`m at the stage where I`m nearly lost for words, I bet there are a lot of us feeling like that right now?

I repeat, how on earth can young fit athletes be tired and jaded after just six games? Especially when you bear in mind not every player on the pitch yesterday has played every one of those six games.



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  • Agreed Mr Fear – a very poor excuse. The problem is not the players, we have a squad that
    should be more than capable of obtaining promotion. The problem is no longer the owner or
    management as they all appear to be giving full support whilst showing go

  • Whatever the result Tuesday we cannot have two better performances then a poor one, consitency , if we don’t pick at least three wins out the next four we can start planning for ANOTHER season in the championship. DJ you are so right about the coaching. I

  • Preparing to park the bus v M’ boro?? Just in case you were wondering about this ”playing in a certain manner” he’s going on about, seems like there’s your answer 🙁 And talking about ‘tired and jaded’ —– the one who’s looking tired and jaded is him

  • How many more times will we leave VP totally despondent and frustrated by such poor performances. We then have to listen as our manager voice his new excuse, this time ‘tiredness’. When Bruce came in I was optimistic that things would improve, unfortuna

  • Looks like the international break was used as badly as we predicted. Until the grandiose messages from the top stop, and together with vanity signings and self importance- we will not have the energy and drive to leave this league. Perhaps Brentford shou

  • SB is making himself a laughing stock by saying our players are tired and jaded. How can this be after the international break when most of them were here at home. Just what is SB up to? The Middlesbrough game is a season breaker and if we lose again or e

  • How anybody can think that the players are at fault is beyond me, all were exceptional at their previous clubs, then they get managed by SB, says it all really. Telling us you did it in the past is not what we want to hear, just admit it, this is a job fo

  • I still can’t work out how the hell can they be tired and jaded? What do they do at Bodymoor Heath, play cards and eat or what?!…..

  • Win the next 2 games or get the sack, IMO. I was a supporter of Bruce before he came. Thought he would be ideal. But, now, even he does not follow his own philosophy – Formation and team changes every week. He buought/acquired experience this summer [beca

  • Having watched last seasons game and yesterday’s yet again the ginger haired lad woods in midfield pull the strings in me this just shows that the Neanderthal Bruce and his backroom cronies have not done one piece of homework on how to stop Br

  • Mike Turner the only problem with SB playing experienced players is he will give Flabby a full game yet again when we all know his time is over and he contributes very little. This is all down to Bruce and he needs to turn it around in the next 2 games ot

  • They shouldnt be tired this early in the season, but they certainly looked it yesterday. For all the complaints about poor tactics, the players didnt seem able to do even the most basic things yesterday. I really want it to work out for Bruce, but the guy

  • I always hope I will be proved wrong, and my views rammed back in my face. I would love that. I thought SB an outdated pub team manager before he was appointed, even if all I had seen was a very unimpressive tv pundit who never seemed to have anything se

  • South Coast Villan, I agree. I haven’t rated Gabby since the first or second season when he showed promise. I can’t believe he is still a Villa player with such underwhelming stats.

    My team would be (playing 14141):
    De Laet (assuming fit en

  • Tired after 6 games in? We need an end of August break mandated by the league because the villa can’t handle it. How about move the back line up the pitch and press the opposition… rAAAAaaarrrr

  • I saw an interview with Wyness where he was bigging up Brucie and saying that Bruce did not sleep because he was afraid of losing. This sums the problem up completely … Bruce cannot handle the expectation at VP and his fear of losing is producing negat

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