Date: 18th August 2009 at 6:42pm
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Article submission by avfc48

Tired of it all

Awful performance, yada yada no clue, no tactics, yes and yes and yes.

What really matters though is like it or not our erstwhile owner is not giving any impression of an immediate change so O’Neill is here to stay.

That’s a big worry. Not for the usual well used excuses either, no point in going over old ground just because I’ve been proved right again, none at all.

What has worried me since the Moscow mess and the subsequent fallout, is that O’Neill doesn’t look to me to be on his game. Towards the end of last season his lack of enthusiasm was evident for all to see, his excuses became more repetitive than ever, and he did nothing on the pitch to change an awful run.

In the closed season he went to ground for a long time and when he surfaced it was only to reiterate old excuses, old lines of rhetoric, so poor it began to look like direct quotes from the Ellis book of ‘its not my fault excuses’

Still I lived in hope that after the summer rest he’d be back full of his bubbly optimism, full of new hope for the future, new promises, new ideas, a reinvigorated little jumping bean on the touchline. Instead he gives us a pronouncement on how Man City had ruined what chances we had of achieving anything. He rather pathetically came out with the we will improve the squad if we are able in these hard times. He didn’t look happy, he didn’t look or sound confident for the upcoming season he was just, well, nothing really.

Then came the first match, yes I’ve deliberately ignored the pathetic transfer stuff, for good reason, he chose an awful side, so weak even the most ardent O’Neill fan was seen scratching his head trying to find optimistic justification.

What really worried me was the view of him on the touchline all through the second half. He looked depressed, disinterested a man with other things on his mind. He looked to be going through the motions. His after match walk off the pitch was slow and miserable and his subsequent excuses have been even by his awful standards abysmal.

Add in the rumours of player unrest, few signings yet, even General K has retracted or nearly completed superb you turns on recent answers to some questions I wonder how bad the behind the scenes are.

O’Neill is performing like a manager who knows his club are being relegated and there are 3 ie not enough matches left. Thing is there are plenty left, so why does he look, act and sound tired of it all after 1
defeat, humiliating though it was.

I like the bloke, I don’t rate him as good as many, but I like the bloke, but I’m genuinely worried he’s not now, enjoying his job.

Its my club in the end that will suffer most.