Date: 6th June 2009 at 2:05pm
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Vital Villa asked in our last poll, suggested by deano.avfc:

Aston Villa v Man City 2010….will you.. applaud/boo/ignore/throw fake money at Barry.

46% voted applaud.

27% will print fake money and throw up in the air like confetti!

That left 15% who would boo Barry on every touch and 4% who would boo Barry at the start and end.

8% will just ignore him.

I’ll applaud him unless I am eating my pie, then I’m sorry but all my attention goes to the steak and kidney, hopefully Gaz Baz will understand. :o)

Our latest poll asks how much you would sell Young for if at all. Unfortunately I think some Spuds are voting £15m for a laugh so I might remove the poll !


20 Replies to “To Boo Or Applaud Barry Poll Results”

  • no offence intended but i think man city has a lot more to offer in terms of future prospects with the summer signings they are linked with and the amount of money they can throw around for good players.

  • I will ignore him at Villa Park. If I go to their ground I will no doubt be drunk & consequently will join in with the booing & singing vile stuff extravaganza!

  • neither just chant “barry what’s the score” when we are beating citeh 3-0 next season 🙂

  • Totally off-topic but I thought it was odd that Barry wasn’t more prominent in the hype about the new away shirt…

  • Clearly 46% are not bitter and twisted; 26% have nothing better to do but something pointless in frustration; 8% have far more important things to worry about; 4% wish he hadn’t gone but accept the reality of the situation and an amazing 15% who think Villa players are owned by them personally.

  • i think i used the word B%^$”£d but then i cheered up when Heskey bagged one…..WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING?

  • I thought todays game he showed us why we will be better off without him next season. Slow, side and back passes, dirty fouler, cheap yellow card and unable to provide a telling pass for any of the goals. Nice contribution over the years, calm on the ball etc, but not good enough to help us win anything. Maybe £arry is the reason we have been held back! Roll on the new season. UTV

  • Lets get over the Barry thing…he’s gone, we’ve got 12 mil to spend…move on for the love of God!!!

  • Nice to see us villa fans(54% of us anyway!) are more intelligent than the press/club would give us credit for. You can’t fault the last 12 years Barry has given us and it would have been much worse had he run down his contract and gone for nothing next season. Lets hope MON spends the money wisely because that is far more important.UTV!

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