Date: 15th March 2006 at 2:31pm
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Friends often say I can describe ability quite well, and having played a lot over the years and having a YTS straight from school I certainly know what happens day to day at a football club having seen it first hand. My view on our squad, I expect everyone will disagree but here goes…

Sorensen= Not bad, flapping and unawareness are in abundance

Hughes= Steady full back but head wanders regularly, passing lets him down

Delaney= Brain can switch off but still reliable, strong and consistent. The way he has been treated is a disgrace

Bouma= Heading very poor and defending is not much better either, why did we sign this guy ?

Mellberg= At times I cant believe he is an international defender, but other times he can be quality. Ridgewell lets him down

Ridgewell= Absolutely rubbish ! Cant defend, liability and very poor marking, we need to farm him out asap

Samuel= No comment, having put him up for sale on ebay I think that constitutes my view. Garbage. Cannot believe he is a footballer

UDLC= Gets forward well, but can let his head drop easily. Then his defending goes down the pan

Laursen= Please retire mate, your getting our hopes up. We know your finished

Berger= Waste of a contract

Barry= Mr Consistent, reliable in positions on the left

McCann= Very very very average, infact I think he’s rubbish, only plus is he likes a tackle. Apart from that he sums us up as a club

Davis= Growing talent, playing too many games hence the lack of flair he had in the beginning. Build the team around him for the future. Excellent passing and control

Milner= Apart from the acne I think he is ok, gets forward well, although can be very predictable sometimes. Old fashioned touch line hugger

Djemba Djemba= Clown, to quote DOL ‘Aston Villa do not make panic buys’. What happened just before midnight last January then Dave ?

Hendrie= How he has turned out like he has I’ll never know. Very impressive years back, but now ???? Sign for Wolves mate

Gardner= Not seen enough of him but he has looked ok from what I’ve seen so far. With him and possibly Sam Williams being thrown in soon it could be good for us

Angel= Never understood why he hadn’t left years back, good in the air, apart from that nothing else in my view

Phillips= Past his sell by date, although I do still rate him. Holds up well and can pull something out the bag when you least expect… Middlesbrough anyone ?

Moore= Needs time but has done tremendously well so far. Strong, quick and an excellent finisher

Baros= Awful, head down and run ! RUN LIKE THE WIND FOREST GUMP ! Finishing is dreadful, touch is rubbish and doesn’t look interested one bit

Taylor= Not seen him yet to judge, was good at Arsenal

Whittingham= Next please….

David O’Leary= Well Dave, you’ve had your time, lost the dressing room and made us play boring c**p and below average football. You are tactically inept, pathetic and belittling in the media. You don’t deserve to manage a club like ours. You talk utter nonsense and rubbish when asked questions you don’t like and judging by how much you rave about Herbert, very spineless as well !
I hate Ellis, yourself and everything about you. The pair of you are the cancer of this football club and ruining it for the fans who care and more importantly MATTER.

In summary……… its happening before our very eyes. Its not even mediocre football. Its worse…….

By crosswesleyanchapel


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  • couldn’t agree more, so out of all that just 2 players really worth our time, davis+moore. and to quote Catherine Tate on yhe rest of the squad “WHATA LOAD OF S**T”

  • Sorry dont agree with alot of that. It seems that all you do is look for the worst in every player. If you’re dumb enough to slag off McCann and Mellberg then you’re really not going to have much fun supporting Villa. I would suggest you look at the premi

  • Excuse me sunshine ! I’ve probably been supporting Villa longer than you ever have and do more travelling. Open your eyes and look at the bigger picture, if you think we are doing well then I suggest a trip to your GP asap. McCann is average and Mellberg

  • I personally believe that a lot of the players that you criticise and dismiss, are in fact good players, in some cases quality players, who simply need direction, guidance, and some top rate coaching. Top performers forced into our line-ups this season wo

  • I would certainly agree that with the club in its current position a critical look at the squad by those in charge is important if we are to progress, although if im only allowed to have an opinion if ive been supporting villa for ‘a long time’ then why d

  • milners ours matey not yours and we want him back , as for the rest only barry and moore would intrest any of the big clubs !

  • He may well currently be yours COOP1407, but if media reports released today are to be believed, then the guy wants to remain at Villa Park on a permanent basis. That would indicate that his heart lies more at Brum B6 than it does at St. James Park, so it

  • we hold his reg mate up to us wear he is next season not him . we paid 5mill 18 months ago , so its going to be more than your 3mill budget this summer

  • Yep, although Newcastle have been so badly managed over the last few seasons that it wouldnt be a surprise if you sell Milner and then offer Bramble an extension to his contract!!

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