Date: 30th December 2009 at 10:19am
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Football is a cruel game!

Soaking wet, freezing cold and more worried about whether someone was going to step on the robin red breast that had taken residence on the increasingly soggy Villa Park pitch is how the game started but despite the poor playing conditions, I think the crowd (both sets to be fair) and the players did their best to make a game of it.

Shame that I could not get out of my head on the long and slippy drive home the song ‘1 nil to the referee’ !

Now those that read my rubbish regularly will know I seldom put the blame on anything officials wise as these things usually balance themselves out over a season and sometimes even over a game. But this ref, a certain Mr Probert, not slated down to be the ref in the match programme, should be ashamed of himself this morning, they seldom are mind you. The managers and players get fined when they criticise refs but a ref like that should have to come out with his so called ref assistant and explain why a) pushing someone twice in the face isn’t a free kick and a yellow card b) why you can grapple Gabby to the ground several times and yet it is allowed but you can’t do the same to ickle Stevie Gerrard c) WHY WHEN 40 000 PEOPLE IN THE GROUND COULD SEE THE BALL CLEARLY HANDLED IN THE BOX WHY A PENALTY WASN’T GIVEN?


That is nothing against Liverpool or their fans, it isn’t their fault if a ref is incompetent and lets face it, if we got the decisions in our favour, we’d take it with a rueful smile as well.

Villa were more than a match for Liverpool, the balance of play flowed from one team to the other and the stats reflect that with a 49%/51% possession, 11/12 goal attempts 7/9 on target, 8/11 corners.

One vital statistic though, 1-0 and that came at the death.

Isn’t it funny that Liverpool got their goal in the 3rd minute of injury time and the only reason we had 3 minutes is because the ref – wrongly as far as I can see – stopped play for Reina to change his boots. Where in the rules does it say that you have to stop play for something like that? Never seen it before and Liverpool weren’t even prepared, the kit man had to run into the changing room to get the boots. Woeful.

The biggest criticism of Villa – again – is squandering chances. Gabby should have buried his chance, Downing was right in front of goal and hit Reina, who to be fair did well to parry it away and that could have done anywhere, but either side and Downing would have scored and then John Carew actually managed to find the energy to get into the box for once and flicked a header just wide when it seemed a fairly ‘easy’ task to at least get it on target. Then again, it is a bit cold for John now, got to make excuses for the mystifyingly strange Holte End hero. His theme tune should be UB40’s 1 in 10 !

If fans of either side are honest, a draw would have been around and about the correct result but much like we found out against Arsenal, you only have to have one world class player in your team to be able to punish opponents and that player for Liverpool was Torres. One real chance, one goal, thank you and goodnight. That all resulted from a ‘mistake’ (not seen the replay to be honest) from former Liverpool player Stephen Warnock (who I’m told, don’t think this is breaking a confidence, was gutted). To me it just looked like the ball rebounded and got to Torres who did the rest – and there was plenty left to do, certainly not as easy our the chances Gabby, Carew and Downing had.

We could have gone 8 points clear of Liverpool and it would have been game over for them top four wise but quality – expensive quality – pays and that is the difference. We don’t have the right strike force, we haven’t for years (even pre- MON) but MON has presided over a period where both Jermain Defoe and Darren Bent were available and both players (Defoe a season or so ago and Bent this season) pushed us into the top four, not just into the top four but kept us there. John Carew is too hit and miss, Emile Heskey isn’t an out and out goalscorer, not a criticism, just the way it is and Gabby is still a kid (23) and can’t be over relied on, especially when he has lean patches of up to 10 odd games. An injury to one of them (and the first two are very injury prone due to their size) and we have no real options, you can’t rely on an 18-year-old kid in Nathan Delfouneso at this stage of his development no matter what some say.

We are again flirting with the top and again perhaps frustrating could end up so near and yet so far? Well, the season is only just over half way through so we can’t say that yet, but our lads do look like they are tiring again and we have a few more fixtures piling up yet with the FA Cup and Carling Cup (two legged semi) to play through January along with some fascinating league games (Wigan away next up, West Ham at home, Arsenal at home, Fulham away – all in Jan).

This month will make or break us. We can beat Wigan, we can get points from West Ham and revenge against Arsenal for the away loss would be great, then there is Fulham, not a great record against them but they are beatable. Trouble is …. you know… it’s a funny old game. We could end up the season with the bit really between our teeth, a Wembley final to contemplate and plenty of optimism for the rest of the season. As said, make or break really.

If there is a striker out there, Villa need to break the bank (and I know it is easy to say when it isn’t your bank) to bring him to Villa Park. If not, despite a great effort and much heart at the club, we will potentially remain also ran’s when Villa is the right size to be far far more than wannabees.

There were plenty of moans as I walked to my car, a great deal of anger and some of that is just pure frustration because for me the lads – apart from burying the chances and having to carry the usual JC passenger – couldn’t have done much more last night. The effort is there, the final 1/3 of the pitch we just don’t have a threat. How much would it cost to try to bring in a goal scorer? Potentially £20-30million. How much will it cost not to? It will cost us any chance of breaking this top four, that I’m afraid is a nailed on certainty. Some of the criticism seemed over the top mind you, ‘couldn’t string two passes together’ seems harsh but ‘couldn’t score in a brothel’ maybe justified for that game! I think it is mainly the culmination of years of being nearly there rather than the individual games now.

Over to MON and the club now, the decision really is theirs to be taken, no matter what decision they make, we’ll still be there. I was talking (well, texting) with Vital member and mate James06 and despite the disappointment the final text to me was ‘I’d still not swap my club for any other’ and mine to him ‘nope, no matter what they do, the buggers have our hearts and that is that’

Funny old game. Certainly no shame in losing to Liverpool and we have to bear in mind, with the tools at our disposal, we have 10 wins, the 5 draws are a bit costly and then 5 losses, only one of those was totally unforgivable (Wigan) although a few who went to West Ham weren’t best pleased with that performance either. So second half of the season now here, we have plenty to build on, so no doom and gloom from me, some potential frustration mind you! COME ON VILLA.

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Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 7
In some ways I think I should give him 300 as the 5 for the last match wasn’t well received lol. Made one or two top saves to keep us well within the game, not to blame for Torres finish

Stephen Warnock 7
Not seen the replay but think it would be harsh to blame him for the goal

Richard Dunne 7
solid and had a chance to score, what a signing

Carlos Cuellar 7
solid as well, his passing isn’t always the best but when there is a clearance to be made, he makes it.

Luke Young 7
another solid display, good dependable player.

Stewart Downing 5.5
not the best display and should have buried his chance. Got to remember he is only just getting back to full fitness etc though and the conditions didn’t help.

James Milner 6
got moved around with the substitutions, why oh why do that MON?

Nigel Hokey-Cokey 7
put in a good display, got stuck in, broke up the play and got subbed. He looked rightly (imho) gutted to come off with a ‘why always me’ look. MON tried to ‘hug’ him but NRC wasn’t too interested and I don’t blame the lad, great lesson in how to de-motivate a player who was trying to take his chance at first team action.

Stiliyan Petrov 6.5
not a bad performance, we weren’t over run in midfield but our service forward isn’t the best at the moment sadly.

Gabby Agbonlahor 5.5
put in the effort but fluffed his lines when it came to burying the ball or at least getting it properly on target. You cannot miss these chances and hope to win against the likes of Liverpool

John Carew 5
such talent and such laziness. Got little if any patience left for the guy, he is the most undeserving Holte End hero I can remember and I’d have shipped him out last summer and brought in Bent who does know where the back of the net is and that once you pass a ball, you don’t bloody well stand there admiring it, YOU GET INTO THE BOX. A mate of mine sat next to a manager who was pointing out the total lack of movement from both strikers. Gabby is young and learning so has a bit of an excuse, JC is an experienced – and on his day a world class – striker. No excuses, no wonder he has moved from club to club. This guy should be special, instead he drifts. Flame suit on, slate me all you want. He lets down his manager, his team and his club.

Albrighton (on for NRC 72)
looked quite bright enough, got a future ahead of him that is for sure.

Sidwell (on for Downing 79)
did nothing wrong but not on long enough to make an impact I guess.

Match Ratings Defined
Match ratings defined: 1) Totally awful, had a mare, should be taken out and shot, 2) Dire, but not usual standard, 3) Very poor. 4) Poor, below the standard expected, 5) Average, the least expected, 6) Better than average, but in patches only, 7) Good, generally decent performance, 8) Very good, above the standard, standing out at times, 9) Excellent, stood out all match, 10) Outstanding truly commanded the match.

Red Robin
Hope the red robbin got home safely, he certainly showed more movement than JC :o)

Great to meet up with a good friend of mine from South African Reza and also to meet Kenny Swain. No pie ratings, I’ve started my new year diet early! :o) Oh, also bumped into an old school friend Ian and his very charming you son Elliot.


18 Replies to “To The Referee 1 – Nil (Match Report)”

  • just seen on the highlights, Dunne might have given a pen away the other way as well. Bit of balance, I’d not realised that! lol

  • “Gabby is still a kid (23)” Why do people always trot this out as an excuse? Gabby is no longer a kid in footballing terms. Owen and Rooney were World Cup superstars at that age. Either you have it or you don’t. He don’t.

  • He is still a kid, won’t be at his peak until 26-27 like Defoe now, not many compare to Rooney and Owen surely? I am not sure Gabby will end up what we’d love him to be but he is still young and learning and needs some help up front imho.

  • I’m sure MON can see where our shortfalls are, and I’m sure he’ll try to address them, losing to the gunners and poo is no disgrace its where we go from here, we have a point to prove at Wigan and a chance for a Wembley appearance, things are still on the

  • I cannot believe people still criticise Gabby, he has been one of our best players all season and works his *****in socks off week in week out. Saurat, go home.

  • Bit unfair to JC for last night’s performance. From where I was sitting, I could swear I saw him back in defence helping out and even tackling back. So not that lazy last night. I agree he has a few good and more poor games, but last night he worked hard

  • I thought gabby and carew were decent today. Gabby never stopped running and closing down (did miss a good chance). Carew was making tackles in our box and then was still running up the field to receive our pointless hoof balls. Big complaints are our tac

  • not sure it is that harsh, you need to shoot and you need to score, that is their job and they missed golden chances!?

  • Have heaps of respect for this site and people running it but cant see Carew ever getting a decent review on here . Ive seen him have some decent games but still picked out as the main villain .

  • I didn’t get to this match, and haven’t even managed to see it on the box yet, but I’d like to make a general point about our perceptions as fans. Another Villa fan site, not a million miles from here, had this to say about Big JC: “John Carew – 7 – MOTM

  • Agreed .. Reo Coker was voted man of the the match but i wouldn’t rate his performance any where near that so my opinion on him differs from the majority of Villa Fans .. Good player but waited so long for his chance he held on to the ball too long trying

  • all to do with opinions though Doug/Bob that is footie, which is why I usually say ‘agree or disagree’ with ratings (which lets not take too seriously!) Totally understand you aren’t having a go mate, we all see things certain ways and I see JC as a waste

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