Date: 5th April 2006 at 11:40am
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Holte End hero Ian Taylor has been talking about Villa manager David O’Leary in The Guardian.

Taylor said: ‘The manager has been there three years and I think people’s patience is wearing a bit thin, we have not moved really in the three years that he has been there. The fans expect a lot more than what’s going on and I think as the games go by and the performances don’t improve then the more restless they’re getting.’


‘I think the fans didn’t like some of the manager’s comments, if he’d worded things a bit differently then it would probably not have been so bad. When I was at the club we did have spells at the beginning and at the end when we weren’t doing so well but I can’t recall the banners. And I can’t recall it being as bad as it is at the moment, certainly not to this extent.’

And ‘The city of Birmingham and its football fans deserve a club challenging at the other end of the league and I want that club to be Aston Villa.

I added in the same article:
‘When he first came in we finished 16th under Graham Taylor and O’Leary was critical of that for a club this size. O’Leary has said this year that we are funded to be a top 10 club and yet we have not worried the top 10 once this season so he has set the standard himself and he’s not keeping to that standard. I find it very hard to believe that he would be able to hold on to his job if we lost the two derby games. I would be surprised if Ellis doesn’t wield the axe.’

David O’Leary has said – in what seems to be a late charge for a charm offensive (late or too late?)

‘I am not here to be managing the club where it currently is in the Premiership. I am ambitious and hungry and if we can get Villa right then the fan base is as big as virtually anyone else in the country. We have got to get a team to pull these fans in and I know what I need to take this club on and I hope I can get what is required in the summer. I have tried to be realistic by answering fans honestly and not give them hopes that are unrealistic but I have got immense passion and pride for this club. If I didn’t have that passion, then I wouldn’t be here. I don’t want to let the fans down. I want to be the manager that takes Villa back to where they want to be. Someone has to have a go at doing that and I want it to be me.’


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  • It would be nice to see Villa get a manager like Alex Furguson, who with the right backing stays with the club through years and years and evenchually brings success. Its a documented fact that clubs with long term managers have and do achieve better resu

  • Totally agree Leelindsay, but would you want that someone to be O’ Ballsitup? I know I wouldn’t!!!! That’s why I say we should employ a manager who is sucessfull but at a lower level and see if they can rise to the challenge and stick with them even if

  • He has to get a minimum of 10 points to make this season look poor rather than average and save his job. If he doesn’t, I’m afraid he has to go.

  • Got to get passed the 45 points that GT achieved, that is for sure. I agree with Lee 100%, the manager merry-go-round has cost Villa very dearly and that is one of Dougs MAJOR faults, but I’m not sure DOL is the main to build the system around?!

  • No, I dont think he is either. In a perfect world though we would find a young up and coming manager, someone with plenty of ambition and the desire to achieve, give him the full backing of a modern thinking progressive board, and let him remain at the he

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