Date: 16th February 2010 at 4:49pm
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Good heavens above, the Sky Top Four Lovies won’t like this?

There are proposals by the Premier League to make the final (4th) spot for the Champions League a play off at the end of each season.

The proposal is to put 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th (quite why I couldn’t have just said 4th-7th I’m not totally sure in truth!) in a play off similar to the play offs for promotion to the Premiership for Championship teams.

4th would play 7th, 5th would play… you can work that out can’t you? Then the winners of both games would play a game at Wembley to decide the final spot for the Champions League.

Arsenal and Liverpool especially, you would imagine, won’t like that, as it has been a virtual shut out in recent years…

Martin O’Neill has given the thumbs up to the idea. An article I read earlier said that the backing was quite high (they need 14) as you would expect, surely anyone but the top four teams would vote yes to this? Gives ‘everyone’ not fighting a relegation battle the chance of a slice of the massive money the awful (sorry, it is, it has bastardised our league and made finishing 4th ‘success’) CL brings.

MON told the official site, ‘Actually I think it’s quite interesting. I wouldn’t knock it on the head immediately, particularly if we finish seventh! It really is kind of interesting. I know the teams that finish fourth would be kind of galled if that was the case.’

Would just be our luck to finish the first year this happens though wouldn’t it?!

MON added, ‘I only heard about in on Monday and I’ve just given it a wee bit of thought. It’s interesting to see what the whole Premier League club-wise thought about it because it has to be 14 clubs. I would say outside the top sides I think people might go for it.’

Would certainly help shake up the middle order and the second tier of teams towards the top wouldn’t it? Could be a real money spinner as well, down side I guess is more games with managers always saying the players have enough games to contend with already.

What do you think?

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