Date: 8th May 2007 at 3:44pm
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Richard FitzGerald says there will be ‘top class’ signings brought to Villa Park this summer and says the state of the art Bodymoor Heath training ground will help persuade potential signings that Aston Villa once again mean business.

The Villa Chief Executive said: ‘It’s a very important part of the overall package as a player, not only in attracting new players but retaining the ones we’ve got. From an agent’s perspective, clearly the environment the players operate in is absolutely fundamental and it’s an important part of the infrastructure in place. Our number one objective is to have a winning team and for that you need winning players and winning players need to be treated correctly.’

Adding, on the official site: ‘I certainly hope it’s a real statement of the club’s ambition. If you bring someone here, then clearly this is a deciding factor. It’s about building a solid base because ultimately it’s about winning consistently – it’s not just about building one team for one cup run. It’s about building an infrastructure that supports a top team if we’re going to achieve what we want to achieve.’

‘We all feel very positive about this but it’s also about the togetherness – the football side are appreciative and I think we’ll see some good results. We’re certainly expecting some top class players here in the summer.’

Not often I can’t wait for the summer, but the sooner the season is over and the shopping begins, the better!

I’ll get a sticky player link thread up after the Bolton game, that should be fun through the summer, the January one ended up with a good few thousand comments!


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  • I simply can’t cope with all the positive vibes coming out of VP. Even the new badge is beginning to grow on me…

  • yeah pongo i agree, i can’t cope either, and that badge…i really like it now, i look at the current/old one and i dont like it anymore…its slowly turning me…

  • Top class signings like Ashley Young for £9.65 million who can’t even get into the Villa first team, LOL. I don’t know what top class signings the guy is talking about, NO European football to attract them, Villa’s best player will be joining Spurs in the summer and most likely that Villa will not qualify for Europe AGAIN next season. Surely players must have ambition!!!

  • I seem to remember you being very, very upset at Spurs not signing young Ashleyin January. Sour grapes? At least we aren’t going to lose our best player to the top 4 this summer. Spurs = selling club.

  • You seem to remember me being very, very upset at Spurs not signing Ashley Young, you lot must have short term memory. Everything that came from me about Young was negative, from his price to his lack of goalscoring ability. If Young is worth £9.65 million then Berbatov must be worth atleast £35 million!!! And, selling club!!! Apart from Carrick can you name me one top quality player that Spurs have sold on for money? Because i remember Spurs tying down Lennon, Dawson, Robinson, King, Keane etc to long term contracts.

  • I think our main competition next year for 5th and 6th will be Everton and Newcastle – assuming Big Sam takes over. A few good signings should see us overtake the rest. See we are linked with Bent and Young from Charlton again. Could be good business.

  • And Carrick’s heart was set on a move to Man U. What would you rather do, a) Keep him for the remaining two years of his contract and let him leave on a free, or b) Sell him for £18.6 million and receive a 500% profit. I think i know which one i would pick. Berbatov, Berbatov’s agent, Martin Jol have come out on numerous occasions talking about how much Dimitar loves Spurs and that he will DEFINITELY be playing for Spurs next season. So i guess your hopes on him leaving have just been killed.

  • Interesting post on Sky about Sidwell, he was destined for Newcastle but now Roeder has gone the move could be scuppered. We need another central midfielder and have been linked with him for a while now……Bent would be one hell of a sigining now Charlton have gone down, his goal conversion ratio is second to none. Give him the ball in the box and he’ll tuck it away no problem. If he could score 15+ goals for Charlton he can do it for us

  • Why don’t you just buy Mido and stick him up there with Carew? I’m sure that they will compliment each other by scoring a combined 10 league goals next season!!!

  • I can’t see Sidwell joining us especially as now he in on a free than any club can pay him big wages instead of paying Reading a Transfer Fee.

    And what’s with the spurs fan posting on a Villa site ? Getting a bit worried about Villa knocking you off your Uefa Cup throne ?!
    So who you playing in the Final ? – Oh yeah I forgot Knocked out – Even Celtic and Boro reached the Final.

  • Anyway Villa fans this Summer compared to this time last year is a very exciting time, Get rid of the fringe squad players and get in some real quality.

  • The problem with giving yourself a username of one of your players is that when they turn out to be crap and get dropped you are still left with the name. Just a general note for all guests considering joining.

  • OneAaronLennon with two gay hands, why are spurs fans on all football sites whether it has anything to do with them or not? I wonder if tottenham have set up a computer room for special learning down at their ground to teach them how to use computers. They have got as far as doing a search for football…..

  • I’d love to think we’d get top quality in this summer. For me this would be players that the top 4 would sign for their starting line-up. I don’t think this will happen and it’s not the current regimes fault. We’re not at that stage yet and as Randy & Co said we’re on a 5 year plan. Should we sign someone of this quality I would be very impressed. Bent & Defoe interested the top 4 but, as I see it, as back-up. If we can get them we would have done well because 3 or 4 other clubs will be after them. Gonna be a brilliant summer with some dissapointments because the Premiership players will interest many other clubs. The new training facility will knock their socks-off and I think MON will sell it right. UTV

  • Still-Ian, you are a right fool aren’t you? No we did not make the final because we got knocked out by Sevilla (one of the best teams in Spain). BUT, atleast we played in Europe this season and we are going to play in it again next season, i can’t recall Villa Park staging European competition for a while now (excluding the mighty England). Hopefully you will finish 8th next season and be able to qualify for Europe via the Intertoto Cup.

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