Date: 4th February 2007 at 1:37pm
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Looks like Shaun Maloney had a really tough choice to make before leaving Celtic.

The 24-year-old Scottish international had the choice between Aston Villa and……………….. Fulham.

Hmmm, lets think about it, Aston Villa or Fulham?

Tough one.

Obviously Maloney would have had to think that conundrum over for at least 1 minute before completing a £1million move to Villa Park.

He said: ‘Once January came around I could talk to clubs and I did speak to people at Fulham. But after speaking to Martin O’Neill I had a decision to make. Obviously there are links with Martin and me and I think I did the right thing. I’m really happy to be here now. I know Martin joined Villa in August, but back then I was content at Celtic and hoping that my new contract would get sorted. The closer I came to January though, the prospect of leaving came into my head. Villa was the offer that really swayed me.’

‘It was my own decision to sign for Villa. Once I’d decided I wanted to come to Villa, I wasn’t going to wait until the summer. But if things had not been sorted between me and Villa before the window closed, it would have been very difficult for me to go back.’


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  • Very pleased he’s here but it does beg the question, if he is so great, why no other teams came in for him?

  • I think the real answer is that he is not so great. A good prospect yes, but far to early to believe he is anything other than good. He is also very injury prone.

  • Not very injury prone, he has had some injuries recently, but id say hes far from injury prone – Martin Laursen is very injury prone, Shaun is a long way away from that.

  • I would like to ask a question for you guys.It has been previously stated that Aston Villa in a near future, will contend for champions league spots.What team in the top 4 do you think is the weakest link?

  • Got to be Liverpool but we”start challenging Bolton, Tottenham, Everton next season and then the season after I can really see us making an impact. Benitez fall from grace will revolve around his striker selection, mark my words. Arsenal are very strong and expect them to snatch the Premisership next season. UP THE VILLA.

  • I know we have only seen “highlight reels” of this guy, but one man knows him better than any of us. and if that man thinks he is worth a punt than I would give him the benefit of the doubt, and lets see how he performs and what he brings to the party before we pass judgement.

  • Well said Steff. From some of the comments on this board when we buy new players, you could almost believe that some would like our new signings to fail so they can say ‘told you so’. Isn’t it about time we got behind our players and had a bit more ‘innocent until proved guilty’?

    I constantly see references to players coming from the SPL and other leagues and how they ‘won’t cut it in the Premiership’. That would be like Roy Keane and his ilk from Irish football, etc.

    I guess you’re right though – look how badly they did in the Prem … :o)

  • Maloney had to choose between fighting for a place in the villa side with more quality, or to get straight in at fulham. If mon likes the player, why not?

  • He cost £1m – chicken feed in todays market. Even if he just plays as a decent squad player over the next 5 years it’s good business. Our problem at the moment is numbers. A couple of injuries and we were in trouble. Now we have someone to cover left wing, up front, and if need be central midfield. Withy Randy in charge we can afford the odd £1m punt. Hopefully this post will be shown to be absolute rubbish, and he becomes the next star of the Villa, but if not, so what?

  • You’re so right BobThe Builder. We do have our few that have to raise their eye-brows and question or criticise every signing. Give the guy a chance. If he’s good enough for MON, then he’s certainly good enough for me. He (Maloney) has got a very good record/reputation north of the border, which indicates to me that he’s got every chance of becoming a Villa Park hero. Only time will tell. I like what I hear and read about him, so he’s got my full support, and good luck to him.

  • Clubs in the Premiership are not going to fall over themselves to buy players from Scotland, as the league up there is so much weaker overall. A player who would have difficulty getting into a mediocre Premiership side regularly can become a legend up there. The thing that has impressed me about Maloney so far is that he was Player and Young Player of the season up there, he has confidence in his ability BUT he has said that he needs to improve to make a success at Villa – that attitude will give him a chance.

  • Villa are now raising the bar regarding new players coming to the club, he may well be the last player to join the Villa for 1 million quid.

  • I think he was always going to villa to join ex manager o neil so me wouldnt have had to think over it much.

  • Anybody want to have a chat with OneAaronLennon over on Vital Spurs after their match today? Looks like they could do with a bit of quality like Young!!

  • I’m just glad that we now have the where-with-all to sign players. Deadly would have argued that we have players in the youth system worth a mil so why spend a mil on a player from another club. Maloney could prove to be very shrewd business. Remember Form is temperary and Talent is permanent. This is the reason, I suspect, MON was willing to sign Maloney. So in this respect its not a gamble.

  • He has replaced Juan on the bench, so at least we HAVE an option that is a threat..which is a start.Personally I think Barry would go left back and Maloney left midfield…but Freddy the jugernaut is playing too well to be dropped.It’s all good.

  • having seen MONs two other signings perform on Saturday, if MON rates maloney, that’s good enough for me. As for the weakest link in the top 4 it has to be Liverpool, don’t rate Benitez at all.

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