Date: 12th July 2007 at 8:41pm
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There certainly seems mixed feelings on the transfer activity, or lack of it at Aston Villa so far. AVFC48 yesterday asked:

Time to training 0 days

Time to first Friendly 14 days

Time to first Premiership match 31 days

Time to window closing 51 days

Time needed to bed players in ???????

Some are calling for patience, others for new signings and plenty of them, that is for sure!

As the transfer saga continues, I saw comments by Vital Villa member Aston Milan the other day. He said:

Another quality midfielder, right-back/defender and maybe a striker is what we need at the moment. We have a good basis of a squad at the moment which will improve under O’Neill. It is small though so he must have players in negotiations, some may come some won’t, but we will be the last to know.

He has got rid of the weaker players who don’t fit in with his plans, so he must have options coming in, and he will have a full pre-season to get the team gelled together. We finished the season strong, only Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal lost fewer games, so it was starting to happen. Have a little faith.

I must admit there are no whispers coming out of Villa Park at all these days. I have spoken to a few from within recently, staff who would usually have all the gossip and tittle tattle. They say the same. Nothing is being leaked, no idle gossip, no mad rumours and no private negotiations.

Now that either means we aren’t in there dealing for players – I cannot see that in a million years – OR that at last we have a professional set up at Villa who don’t allow what the previous board did, leaking information and tipping off pretty much everyone within earshot.

Ok, fair enough, whilst we wait for players it gets frustrating not getting the rumours etc and it did used to be nice to post the odd article on the web that actually turned out to be true, but I would much prefer the situation now, with one slight ammendment obviously, ie a few more press conferences with a few new arrivals.

Personally I thought we’d have got more in by now, BUT I am not in the panic mode that some are – frustrated and bored yes but I get like that every close season ! – but not panicking. I’d have rathered seen the exits after the new arrivals but hey ho, I’m not the manager – aka the man with his job on the line. I have faith that they know what they are doing, they would not have let so many squad players leave if they weren’t confident of new arrivals…. at least I hope not!

Meanwhile Little 77 submitted the following posing some questions rather than answers:

Are we Expecting too much ?

Ok I think we all agree from the most optimistic to the ‘put the Smiths on I cant take any more’ brigade that we would have liked to see more happening at our club.

Do you think that after years of Mr. Ellis and being told there’s no money or budgeting to be the best in the Midlands and all the missed chances to move onwards, that at the first sign of a decent manager and a board that appear to know how to run a club we have gone into overdrive?

Are we a big club and can we really expect the top or topish (is that a word?) {no! edit JF!} come to us.

Is it that we have a slow and steady building of the club, playing staff and management?


You heard the man, discuss!


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  • I’m happy that we have got a great owner and top manager think back to last season, nob head manager (sold de hammer) nob head owner that had the audacity to name a stand after him self for achieving nothing. utv

  • The only concern for me is the time factor – will a large number of new arrivals have enough time to gel if we don’t sign them pretty damn quick. Or, is MON planning to start the campaign with more or less the same team that finished the last one and so isn’t under pressure to bring the amount of players required? One thing is for sure – we need a RB (two) I would say this is a priority because this is the only position that we don’t have effective cover for. Melberg hasn’t the basic skill to cover this position well – ie running and passing. Expectations high? Of coarse they are, but I don’t believe the majority have a too high an expectation. Expectations rose when MON and Lerner arrived – only natural. They rose even higher when the CEO stated that exciting new signings would arrive. They haven’t so far and people are getting frustrated – only natural. Panic is illogical, as what have we got to panic about? It’s only Jul 12 (in some places it’s Friday the 13th) so we still have at least a fortnight b4 the friendlies begin. I’m sure everyone at the club involved in the transfer wealling and dealling are working extremely hard to make the expected new arrivals happen. So to everyone out there – CHILL.

  • We will get a right back, and i know it would be nice to make a load of big signings, but with no European football on offer it must make getting top player’s a lot harder for MON, but get a RB and we have got the best team we’ve had for a few year’s.

  • I think its quite obvious that management is SLOWLY building a team. All of our buys have been guys under 30 years old. A good chunk of our core is under 25. This is a wise thing! Even the deepest pockets can be emptied going for the quick fix. Honestly, I figure Villa will finish the upcoming season mid-table once again. The next year, though…if hard work is added to great talent… Villa could be scary good. Just my 2 cents worth…

  • jam tomorrow, results today you choose.
    has O’Neill got it wrong, we don’t know, come September 1 we will all have a much better idea.
    every other manager financially able to buy, has, some several times, they have new players bedding in as the pre season ticks on
    Have we, no our single transfer is on holiday

  • MON is a genius and we should all have faith… As bored as I am with trawling Newsnow every few minutes and watching Sky SPorts News, I believe he will deliver the goods when he’s good and ready. He won’t waste Randy’s money. Every penny will be put to good use.

    Keep the faith. Up the Villa.
    (Please Hurry Martin – I can’t take it any longer!!!!!)

  • I have faith but it be nice to see some players coming through tomarrow I go off on holiday in my BMW and I expect to see more signings

  • I just want to know why the wait….what could possibly be the point. You should have your targets identified before the season ends so what is the point in waiting. This leads me to think we have either missed our targets or not spending. Thats why im panicking. . . .for those people saying ‘chill’ please try and explain why we might want to wait so late before making moves.

  • Who said we are not making moves? Just because other clubs are panic buying it does’nt mean we have to follow suit! I’m quite sure there’s plenty happening behind the scene’s, it’s just means a lot of wrangling between clubs, plus a fair bit of bluff calling over valuations of players e.t.c. I believe that come the start of the season, we will look back and say; What was all the fuss about. I’ll say it again, keep the faith.

  • People are either positive,negative or pessimistic,if he gets the 4 or 5 that NRC states that MON wants then totally happy days but has just come slower than we were told. Guess we can all accept that!!

  • Well i think Randy Lerner is the only one of the foreig owners who knows how to use his money properly, and Martin O’Neill, the only manager in the league with a strategic plan to better the squad by being careful who he invests time and money in to bring to the club rather than being a Portsmouth who only sign free agent 30+ year old Africans. Either way, maybe im just impatient, but i have a feeling come november, well be in the same ***** we were last season, with a ****ty polish weirdo who tries to be eccentric with his pyjama pants in goal. I’m praying Martin will pull a rabbit out of his hat, even if it is the last couple of days before the window shuts, but right now, with no new news even from bull***** websites, it better be a bloody big rabbit

  • As I said, patience is a virtue. MON wants players who will give their all, he has the best opportunity of his own management carreer to go for glory and believe me glory is what he will achieve for Aston Villa. Most of the players we have been linked with are mediocre and have been linked with Newcastle, Man City and Portsmouth aswell, because the press can assume the top four get the cream and the next in line are us three with a bit of money to spend. The squad were starting to gel towards the end of the season, and the last thing you want is to bring in 6 or 7 players and upset that. As I posted the other day, a right back and center back will arrive, a goalkeeper and maybe a striker and another winger/midfielder. Check out Re0-Coker in the sun (Iknow, but it is from his own mouth), he is quoted as saying ‘The manager has told me their are another four or five signings to come’ and one thing about MON is that he is the most honest and genuine manager in the business. Players will be signed ready for the tour, have faith.

  • Could’nt have put it better myself, well said astonmilan!
    By the way, well done ASPINALL. You seem to have overcome your doubts. Stay positive my friend…it will all happen soon!

  • Aggghhhh Anthony Gardner,Agggghhhh we`ve spent 8.5m on the “new Neil Lennon ” wasn`t the old one sh`te? Statistically 80% of transfers will be in August so no panic but i hope the “masterplan” is all OK.

  • don’t players want to sign for you? its well documented that you have the funds for new players so whats happening? maybe oneill is too fussy.

  • Whilst I remain one of the brigade who has faith that the new regime will deliver, I would say that as there is only one full week to go prior to flying out to America, I would like to see movement as soon as possible now. Those who aren’t signed in time to go on the tour are not going to be up to the standards of fitness or preparation that the rest of the squad will be, and that’s when I’ll start getting slightly worried. The fact is the kind of transfers we’re trying to push through now are time-consuming and require a good deal of finesse. But what nobody should lose sight of is that whoever is signed, this coming season is about results. Last term was always going to be one of transition, but this year we need to accomplish something. Qualification for the UEFA Cup is a bare minimum requirement from this season onwards – anything less is failure and that’s the mentality I believe the club is adopting. As such, extra care is probably being exercised in all areas of our transfer policy.

  • I would be somewhat disapointing to bring in 4 or 5 new playerss in a bums rush on closing day, however that is a good while away and like all other supporters I will be delighted when more new players arrive next week (or the week after)

  • I think the main point of all of this is do we really think MON and his staff would let so many leave a small squad without having players lined up? Do we think there is any plan to the transfer (in)activity? Is the master plan a complete rebuilding of the club that will take a lot longer than any of us would hope.

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