Date: 10th July 2013 at 8:23am
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John Percy at The Telegraph has a decent article on Benteke. He says that Villa will hold out for at least £25million and they have made it clear to the player that THEY will decide his future. This is bang on the money from the information I`ve got. Villa are not going to be bullied or made to sell him cheap, if they don`t like the valuation, tough.

His article goes on to say they hope that other Clubs baulk at the fee and Benteke lines up for us next season. That would be interesting! He`s sort of spoilt the hero worshipping side of things but practically, goals are goals and if he is anything like last season, I`m sure he`d be ‘welcome` ?!

Spurs attention might well have turned to Benteke after long term target David Villa joined Atletico Madrid.

The report also states that Villa aren`t interested in any player swaps. Must admit, I`d take Fernando Torres and £15million !!!!!

Steve Wollaston at the Birmingham Mail has published a nice little tweet from John Carew
@JCarew10 If Benteke wants to leave , let him go if so. Then he doesnt deserve to be part of Villa. Thats his loss , not our loss.

The Express meanwhile say Villa want £30million and again name Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea as destinations.

Saw this on Liverpool Offside

A Belgian journalist has tweeted:

Kristof Terreur @HLNinEngeland

Christian #Benteke only wants to join Spurs. Liverpool made an enquiry, but he told them he wasn’t interested.

One suggestion is that he thinks he can get first team football at Spurs and isn`t quite ready for a place like Chelsea. Sort of backs up what a few Spurs fans said who came and posted article comments and/or in our forum saying they felt sorry for Villa that the player was treating us this way and that they didn`t fancy the mercenary sort at White Hart Lane knowing only too well he could do this again shortly after.

That said, we bought him in these sort of circumstances where it appears he forced a move from Ghent so…….. !