Date: 3rd September 2007 at 11:39am
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Lions82,

What do you think of Villa’s transfer activity this summer?

The results were as follows:

Ok, expected better (60%)
We didn’t sign anyone worth buying (13%)
Fabulous, we have signed some real quality (11%)
Poor, what is MON doing? (10%)
Good, just what I wanted (4%)
Useless (2%)

Hopefully we’ll be able to draw a line under the transfer window saga now and look forward to the January one when hopefully we’ll be a top six team and maybe more active with Randy’s dollars!


12 Replies to “Transfer Window Poll Results”

  • Yeah astonmilan lets all stop talking about the players and how the Club is being run. In a perfect world that would be great but the only way to get change is to continually challenge the Club to do better and let them know where improvements can be made. Things are going ok at Villa astonmilan but lets not bury our heads in the sand like you want us to do and shut up and put up. Telling someone all the time they are wonderful and great will not achieve results, highlighting the failings and where improvements can be made will. Anyway, what else would I do with myself if I can?t come on vital villa everyday? talk to my missus? I think not 🙂

  • Fear there were six so called Villa fans sat behind me yesterday…..all they could keep saying was that Gabby was a lightweight t**t, Carew was a plank, Bouma was a fat idiot and that Reo-Coker needed to get some bottle !!! I turned round a few times and stared astonishingly at them and the one said to me ‘how the **** are we ever going to get anywhere with this p***k in charge and these half wits?’ ………..there was a Chelsea fan in front of us with his two very young daughters, who turned round and looked absolutely disgusted. I spoke to him at half time and explained that he was only in the stand for his daughters safety. He asked me ‘how many of your lot are like that?’ I replied ‘too many’. When we scored it was totally different, the ‘half wits’ as he called them were brilliant, best team in the world. At the end of the game the Chelsea guy shook my hand and said ‘fair play, keep playing like that and you’ll get back to where you belong’, I wished him a safe journey home. I don’t like away fans in our stands, but the morons behind me made me feel ashamed, and gives us a pathetic image to other supporters. It couldn’t spoil my day to be honest but I really felt like spoiling theirs. So I hope for the next home games propper supporters who don’t just come to watch the big boys.

  • And Hoss, don’t know where you’ve been for the last 20 years, but our club has had its head buried in the sand for too long, its finally getting somewhere after only 13 months…..a long long way to go yet, but its looking good.

  • astonmilan, I haven’t been sunning myself in Italy like some but I have been a ST holder for more years than I can remember. The fans have a right to their say and for once the Club is listening to them and taking action. We shouldn’t be just sitting back and letting the manager manage etc… we need to make our voice heard otherwise the changes won’t be made.

  • So for the last 25 years the club has listened to the fans ??? yeah right, of cause they did. They are much better now, because they have much better experience in marketing. As long as the results come off the pitch things go fine, if the results don’t go well then the board sack the manager, so if you think you have a say in things you are very mistaken. Fans can put pressure on a team whilst its playing, can put pressure on the board sometimes, but generaly they just go with how they want to run it. The catering will never get better, supporters groups just form so they feel important in life………the rest of us have a beer or two watch the match have another beer or two and discuss the in and outs at the bar. We support it, they own it. And don’t know if you’ve ever been to Milan Hoss…….its usually colder than Birmingham mate…except when Kaka scores…..but thats a different kettle of fish for now.

  • Constructive critism…..which to be fair you get on hear from the likes of Hoss, Voice of the holte etc……is fine but slagging off your own team is a joke…..if I thought I could give these lads a tap and not get thrown out I would have believe me……if they play crap, let them know, but no personal abuse..

  • I don’t see your point astonmilan. I didn?t say the club had listened to the fans over the last 25 years and it was you that said the club had burried it’s head in the sand not me, I simply said the fans shouldn’t. However the Club is marketed, fans now are being listened too on these forum and changes are being made due to that. If you think the club don?t need to listen to the fans then you only need to look at the last 20 years to see where that style of running the club got us. As for Milan, it is the B?ham of Italy but with 2 great team unlike B’ham.

  • Thank you for a mention astonmilan. Much appreciated. Hoss though you are wrong. Birmingham does have two great teams. Aston Villa and Aston Villa Reserves. But from a realistic point of view, Turin is the Birmingham of Italy. A manufacturing/industrialised city with one great club that happens not to carry the name of the city and a crap club that does. As for critisism, it is all fine as long as it is constructive. Mohammed Ali was the best boxer in the world but he still needed to be told to keep his gloves up occasionally.

  • I’m getting all these Italy/England comparisons confused. I thought Birmingham was the Venice of England?

  • There is only one great team in Birmingham, Villa….and only one great team in Milan, AC Milan. And there isn’t anything to compare Birmingham to in Italy, maybe Pompeii ?? And nothing said on these forums will get things changed at Villa Park. They’ll do what they see fit. We’ve had free travel, free scarves, nice gestures and some hope for the future, all Randy’s ideas.

  • I think you’ll find that on the general?s forum quite a few suggestions by members have been acted on by the club. Maybe not huge things, but suggestions that do affect the fans matchday experience and overall perception of the club. I also remember it was the forums that were instrumental in bringing Ron Saunders and then the European Cup winning team back to be paraded around VP, even the time that was done was changed after members suggested it should be done before the game and not at half time.

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