Date: 26th May 2009 at 10:46am
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The press today claim that Tottenham Hotspur are willing to sell Darren Bent and Roman Pavlyuchenko. The report also says that Happy Arry would like to buy Djibril Cisse. LOL. Anyway, only mentioning this because we were linked with Bent last January and he appears to be the sort of player that Martin O’Neill is trying to bring to Villa, ie young and on the fringes of the England squad. He scored 17 goals in all competitions this season, so despite the fact most Spurs fans hate him, he can’t be doing that badly!

Yawn fest warning. The Daily Star say that Spurs and Manchester City will do battle (great, wonder if that will be televised?) for Gareth Barry. The suggestion is that Liverpool aren’t as interested this summer so Mark Hughes and Harry Redknapp will try to grab him for around £12million instead. Not convinced, MON has said if a top four team come in for him, as they can obviously offer Barry Champions League football, he will look at the situation but we could easily match whatever wages Spurs want to offer and would Barry be wanting to go to City purely for silly wages? I think he is more interested in playing in Europe and with Villa – as long as MON behaves this time around – he can do just that.

The reports that Everton and Fulham are interested in Villa midfielder Nigel Hokey-Cokey are also doing the rounds today. One paper says that NRC will have ‘showdown’ talks with the Villa boss. It is thought he’s hated playing at right-back and disliked being on the bench even more, so I guess the link to him outwards would make sense but if he is sold, I hope we more than re-coup the £8.5million paid for him?

Shock horror, Villa are being linked to none other than Newcastle United and former Liverpool and Read Madrid striker Michael Owen. Hmmm, I wonder? Our latest poll asks if you’d like Owen at Villa or not! See the full article for details: Michael Owen To Villa Park???


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  • I agree left, but getting owen on a ‘pay as you play’ basis cant be bad for the club, maybe he can tach gabby how to play…

  • we could do with both I think? We’ve got to push on and we need goals goals and more goals. JC seems the only striker able to shoot let alone score since Jan time?

  • Get the feeling I’m going to get fed up or the Barry saga all over again, if only I could learn to ignore the rubbish the papers print. When will they realise he doesn’t want to leave Villa, he may feel he needs to in order to play Champions league and I could forgive him a move to the top four. But I can’t believe for one minute our captain (former or ? future) would even comtemplate a move to Spurs or Man City who don’t even have European football, in a season leading up to the World Cup. Especially now it’s been shown that he has an England place regardless of being a Champions League player or not.

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  • I really agree KaBar – last year he was wanting a move to Liverpool for Champions League and England. At the end of the day he is in the starting XI now for England and must know a ‘big 4’ move would mean he starts less than 20 games a season. Not England standard. I love the guy but Benitez will play Mascherano, Fergie – Carrick, Wenger – Fabregas and Chelsea boss – Essien in that midfield role. He is guaranteed captaincy and a starting role at Villa. With the World Cup coming up I think he will stay BUT he will not sign a new contract. One more year, play the World Cup as a ‘free agent’ and get his choice of club. Or sign a new contract if we reach Champions League,. And all the best to him.

  • agreed KaBar, I hope he either signs a new contract VERY quickly, makes it clear he will see out his contract OR he is sold. Don’t want another summer of will he/won’t he. Then again, it helps tick the site along on slow news days!!!!!!!!!!!!

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