Date: 19th May 2009 at 10:59am
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A report in the Daily Mail says that both Villa and Tottenham have been asked to be kept in the loop over Wigan winger Antonio Valencia. Wigan have apparently worked out a deal with Real Madrid for the 23-year-old worth £21.5million with Steve Bruce telling Sir Alex Ferguson that he’d have to match that price if, as reported, Manchester United want Valencia as a replacement for the goofy one, Christiano Ronaldo.

So basically we might have been asked to be kept in the loop but if Real Madrid and Manchester United want him, one or other will get him.

The same report also says that Spurs, Villa and Fulham are watching after Wigan and Austria midfielder Paul Scharner said he wants to leave the JJB for the sake of his international career. The 29-year-old said on Austrian TV ‘I feel this summer is the time for me to make the next step in my career. I’m looking towards getting a regular starting place in the Austria national side. My absolute aim would be to play in the Champions League.’

Striker Amr Zaki, who joined Wigan with a bang only to fade away goal wise won’t be going to Wigan on a permanent basis and the Daily Mail say that four other Premiership clubs have made bids for him with better terms. Hmmmm?

I’m feeding off scraps today really but also in the Daily Mail is a report saying Stewart Downing, Tuncay, Afonso Alves and Robert Huth will leave Middlesbrough in the summer unless a miracle on the last day of the season prevents them from being relegated. Villa were reportedly interested in Huth before he went from Chelsea to Boro. Downing has been linked with Villa, Spurs and Liverpool recently.

Now this one would excite me! Apparently both Arsenal and Villa are watching over the Stephen Ireland situation at Manchester City. With all their big money power it appears to me that the youngster was still their best player this season and yet reports today say that contract talks have stalled. If City decide not to improve their offer it is rumoured both Arsenal and Villa will try their hand at luring the player away. Ireland told the Daily Mirror: ‘We’re nowhere with the contract, to be honest, we’re still a long way off. Talks have barely started. I don’t know what’s going to happen and if I’m going to sign or not sign. It’s out of my hands right now, it’s up to the club, not me. It’s getting to the stage now where I don’t know if I’m going to be signing or not. I think I’ve done enough this year, let my football do the talking. The club haven’t really made an offer yet. If they make one great – if not, I’ve got two years left.’


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  • I wonder what impact Ireland would have on the dressing room, Tuncay would be a cracking buy for whoever signs him, hopefully we are interested, better than Downing, but I would be happy to see Downing join us should Barry go.

  • He lied about his maternal Grandmother being dead just so he didn’t have to play for the republic of Ireland. When the papers discovered it wasn’t true, he changed it to his paternal grandmother. This was also untrue and he changed it again to his Grandad’s wife after being divorced twice or something. She was also alive. Still a bloody good player though.

  • Can’t see Ireland being an O’Neill signing, both in terms of him being a very good player, but also not being someone who would fit in with O’Neill’s footballing philosophy. And why are we being linked to strikers? Four is the right number for us to have, and we have that with Carew, Gabby, Delfouneso and Heskey. Although I would get rid of Heskey and sign someone who doesn’t contravene the trade descriptions act, I can’t see O’Neill rectifying this mistake. So is Carew on his way? Is Delfouneso being lined up for a season-long loan to another Premiership club? Neither make any sense to me, as Carew has to stay, and Delfouenso is perfect as the fourth striking option. Maybe we won’t be signing a striker at all…

  • Why are we being linked with strikers? Are you serious? We have only one striker who has scored in our past few games. Gabby couldn’t hit a barn door and neither could heskey, and delfouneso is not ready yet.

  • Stephen Ireland is class, would love to see him in a Villa shirt but surely Citeh will be trying to keep hold of him ? He was better than any of their big money signings this season. Would be great but can’t see it happening. Yes we need new strikers. 4 of them. Gabby has not had a good season and we can’t risk another one like it. JC is hit and miss and Emile.. well.. how many goals ? The Fonz should probably go out on loan next season which will do him good, he’s got great potential, needs regular games.

  • Striker HAS to be the main agenda this summer. Its the only area MON hasnt spent decent money on. If we had a goal poacher with Ashley and Milners delivery we could score 30% more goals each season. Cant think of one I would go for off the top of my head (apart from David Villa!) and Im not paid to either

  • As Wake.Up.Hate said he made a prat of himself with the media and the Irish FA don’t want him involved any more, don’t think he is a troublemaker as such, just think he has a few mental issues, Stan Collymore MK II perhaps, could come here with a big reputation and then need to some counselling. BTW Stan if you happen to be reading this, I always loved you when you were at the Villa and love you on the wireless too, just using you as an example.

  • Regardless of what anyone else’s opinion might be (including my own), O’Neill is not going to be replacing Heskey (which is a huge worry), nor is he going to replace Gabby (and though O’Neill might be wrong on so many things, at least he isn’t as short-sighted as many Villa fans appear to be regarding Gabby). Therefore, bringing in another striker means that either Carew will be off, or Delfouneso would have to go on loan to get football. A further consideration is that if our four strikers are Carew, Gabby, Heskey and another, then it’s inevitable that a senior striker is going to be marginalised. Of course, if this is Heskey, wonderful, but I can’t see Heskey not being picked on a regular basis as O’Neill rates him. And this is the big problem.

  • BobtheBuilder, which facts would these be then? Perhaps you don’t understand that a manager is fairly central to everything that goes on at a football club – and particularly in O’Neill’s case. Therefore, when bad things happen, O’Neill is generally responsible. And regarding transfers, who is it who decides who to buy and who to sell? That’s right; Martin O’Neill. So I think you’ll find that criticism of O’Neill (and it is invariably criticism because he does so much wrong) is going to be relevant whatever the subject. So I will continue ‘venting my spleen’ for about as long as you’ll no doubt continue tweaking your tool.

  • Few priorities as far as I can see. With Laursen going a top central defender would make sense … are there many available though, there aren’t that many Laursens doing the rounds! I would think a striker is a total priority and I mean as top a striker as we can possibly attract, Gabby might or might not come good, he blows very hot and cold. Carew is injury prone and does have his episodes, if he is fit and can apply himself next season then there is no reason why he can’t win the golden boot and be our much needed 20 goal a season striker. Delfouneso isn’t ready just yet, he’ll be knocking on the door soon enough and Heskey is Heskey, a striker who doesn’t score… not having a go at him, just going on his scoring record at all clubs… Villa now being his worst ratio of them all I believe?!

  • Not seen anything about Ireland but I guess he is still young and learning, I’m sure he’d settle but would be totally amazed if City sold him, only seen him in bits but he looks a very good player to me. Then again, what do I know! :o)) Please don’t answer that, I’ve got feelings you know!

  • As much as I hate to say it I think old Karen Brady’s column in the paper a few months back said it all “Well Done Agent Heskey – Mission Accomplished” – maybe he’ll come on and score a few against Small Heath next season to make up for it – but as for 20 goal a season striker – we need 1 and havent had a consistent one since Peter Withe (who would also set up another 20 a season for the rest of the team)

  • If the Barcodes escape on saturday at Sunderlands expense – Kenwyne Jones may be a good un to get (if still unproven – but potentially…)

  • Yeah I like Kenwyne Jones but I just don’t think he scores enough, be like having two Heskey’s. And although I am a fan of Heskey, 2 Heskey’s upfront would do little to address our lack of goals……

  • Think that you’re being hard on Kenwyne Jones there YJ. Don’t think anyone should be compared to Heskey. Never has the phrase “Form is temporary and class is permanent” had more meaning and thats why he’s a MON player, because he needs to be playing on top form to look half decent and thats what MON gets out of his players. Class is non-existent. Would have rather seen a youngster start on the wing at the weekend than Emule!!

  • I think the Gabby critisism is a bit harsh. He’s still got a lot to learn but he’s exciting when he’s on form. Jones is nowhere near what we need = a PROLIFIC striker capable of 20 a season. He’d be ok as a target man but we already got big John and the Hesk. We need a prolific european name and i think MON might realise that now, what with all these scouts. Hopefully it will pay off. Ireland is a top young player and id be delighted to see him at villa but Man city would be very foolish to lose him. Ill think they’ll cough up (unlike sturridge). I can see Sharner coming in for Barry. I want Mon to take a gamble on defour to mix things up

  • “tweaking your tool” – ooh, get you! :o) I think you’ll find I wasn’t debating Martin O’Neill, Albarnista. That’s what I don’t want to have to do every time I post. What I was doing was questioning your reasoning that we don’t need another striker, and suggesting that your dislike of O’Neill is obscuring your vision of the blindingly obvious. We DO need another striker, because of injuries, because of loss of form, because of the youth and inexperience of one of our current strikers, and (most of all) because for the latter half of this season we’ve been creating chances and not putting them away. QED.

  • haha…keep us in the loop because we are likely to fork out 21mil for him, oh thats made me laugh!

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