Date: 1st August 2007 at 10:18am
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Not that much going on in the press at the moment rumours wise.

According to the Telegraph Villa enquired about West Bromwich Albion defender, who last season I believe was their captain (although quite amazingly, I could be wrong!) Curtis Davies. This link has been around since the January transfer window but according to the report today, Martin O’Neill won’t match the rumoured £9million price tag.

Must admit, although I want to see new players incoming, I would agree that £9million is too much. Not because I’m an expert on Baggies players and their value, but my window cleaner (please bear with me!!!) is a Baggies man through and through and he nearly fell off his ladder when big money was mentioned for the defender! So there, conclusive proof if you ever needed it! Oh shut up, you don’t get quality reporting like this anywhere else!

The Times would have you believe Villa and Everton are in the hunt for Portsmouth’s left-back Matthew Taylor. The scorer of some spectacular goals last season is said to be valued at around £8.5 million. If he was a right-back I’d believe this report, not so sure on the pressing need for a left-back though, we have Wilfred Bouma, a Dutch international and Gareth Barry as cover. That said, our other left-back, Jlloyd Samuel, was allowed to leave this summer so… ?

Not sure why Everton would be linked, no disrespect but I thought they were broke?


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  • Everton are broke. They want Smith but need to offload Beattie first. I’d love Davies and would pay big money for him. Arsenal wanted him a couple of years back and I remember someone somewhere likening him to God!

  • Nugent, Jagielka, Smith & Baines all openly want/wanted a move to Everton. I agree they don’t have the cash, but they have Europe, a good manager and a good team. It’s all about motivation to play for Villa for me.

  • Tarzan, Everton looked far from great at Villa Park last season. They are broke, and I think we should go for Taylor, as Bouma is a centerback, and a good one at that. He adapted well to the leftback position, but prefers the center. We need a bit of flexibility in defence, so if the worse happens players can comfortably swap position to allow another on.

  • Matty Taylor would be an excellent buy. Very much like GB in alot of ways but slightly quicker IMO; can play LB or LM and I would say is just the kind of versatile, quality player we would be looking to add. I can’t see us getting him but if we did I would be made up. No problems with cover at left back with GB, Wilf and Matt Taylor in the squad!

  • Does’nt help that we need a right back, Taylor is a left back, we need a new centre half and that Hangeland is alot cheaper than Davies.

  • Astonmilan that’s an arrogant attitude you’re showing, Everton played us off the park at home last season (we were lucky to scrape a draw in the end) and they finished above us in the league. That’s what counts – results. Whether you like it or not Nugent, Baines , Smith and Jagielka want to join Everton and not us. Wh Hangeland LIKE?

  • I like LeoTheLion’s ideas, with Matt Taylor we have CB and LB sorted, then Ridgewell, who clearly does not want to work for his place, can go. But where is our RB cover? It is not enough to say Olly or Craig can play there, yes, they can do a job but, while we may score goals this year, without a good RB we will leak some too.
    Please MON pull the rabbits out of the hat soon, I, we, need the reassurance.

  • Tarzan you’re so right. Everton absolutely hammered us in the first half at VP and the game should have been out of sight. We did play better in the second half but we were lucky to get a draw.

  • Thank goodness some commonsense. We look a bit silly saying we are better than teams who have consistently finished above us in recent years. No fans or clubs like the fact that a player prefers another over them. I don’t know how Pompey fans feel that Nugent signed for them (for money) and he really wanted to join Everton. I think Taylor would be an excellent signing – replacement for Davis?

  • So Everton are close to selling BT to Sheff U. They’ve got no money (apparently) but will be siging Baines and Smith (with no money).

  • I`ve seen alot of Hangeland over the years, and I think we should definately go for him at £3 m.

    He is a tall, good header of the ball, relatively fast and technically able CB, who can also contribute going forward. Spent a great season at Copenhagen, and played a big part in them qualifying for the CL. He could sort of be resembled to a mix of melly and laursen, with good passing ability..

  • On sky today Fat Sam says hes got two defenders lined up, so thats Boswinga and Hangeland you reckon?

  • Tarzan…did I say we were better than Everton at VP last season ?…..No. They overpowered us in midfield in the first half, we were a bit better in the second and got away with a draw. But again they were hardly great, we were just holding on to what was left of the season as we were looking jaded. Only Spurs, Man Utd and Reading really impressed me at VP last season for their performances. Chelsea dire, Liverpool dire, Arsenal cheating and dire, Bolton smash and grab etc…..Everton have a little bit of a head start on us but we should match them this season if we sort the defence out, which we will. Attacking wise, we look very good, midfield should be fine, be nice to have another decent playmaker. Hangeland would be a great buy, strong player, very professional so I’ve been told, and like nikkerson says he can apparently pass well too……

  • I reckon they are ours, call it a gut feeling….but I think they will be at the Internazionale match on saturday making their mind up.

  • And Tarzan….. Nugent, Smith, Baines are not what Villa want, they are just looking for better jobs with better salaries……MON likes to build winning units who work hard for each other and the team, anyone he brings in will be someone he knows inside out and can be moulded to his way of thinking, players who will fight for the cause, not their paychecks.

  • Too tired and weary (a mention there for our friends and neighbours across the way) to speculate about, or discuss the possibility of any new signings arriving any day soon. I just want to see some incoming action, otherwise this campaign is going to go belly-up on us before the month of August is out.

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